25 November 2010

full tummy

Happy Turkey Day everyone!! Hope it is a great one for you and yours. We are stuffed and I am working my way to lay down and rest. I think mom and I are heading out for the Black Friday craziness at around 1:30am. oh my word!! Yes we are insane but I get breakfast out of the deal. Two thumbs up on that one!!

Have a super day!!

08 November 2010

chuck e cheese visit

We took the kids on Friday since they did relatively well getting their flu shots the night before. Let me tell you, once one kid starts freaking out... the other soon follows. Yikes. Good thing we had a fantabulous nurse who was quick like a bunny and very friendly.

Sharing a few pictures we had taken while hanging with the grey mouse in his house of fun.

We had a pretty good time. Kira played air hockey with a young man named Zac who is in 6th grade. Hubby noticed him 'following' Kira around the place. He was nice enough and maintained the proper boundaries.

Then we were off to BJ's for the fun of bulk shopping. My only problem with buying in bulk is finding homes for all the deals we get once we are home! I worked it all out and we are set with some stuff until the next run. It helped having the kids already on the worn out side while we were there. Less fights and tantrums. whew...

We got the deck cleared off for the winter and the cover over the sandbox. Productive weekend for us. But I think I need this week to rest so I can recover. Not that that's gonna happen. Lots to do with the PTA meeting, an oil change, spaghetti dinner at the school, teacher luncheon and a holiday thrown in for good measure. Is it Christmas break yet???

04 November 2010

happy halloween

Okay so I'm a little late but it's the thought that counts, right?? We had a visitor this past weekend so things were a little different than usual. DH's dad came to see the kids. It was good to have him visit and I know the kids loved having him here. He helped picked seeds out of the pumpkin guts while DH did his best creative carving on the kids pumpkins. Sonic is very big in our house lately (thanks to Nana) so the Sonic pumpkin is Alex's and Sonic the WereHog is Kira's. DH did a great job on them.

For Halloween trick or treating, we went to the Fox Run Mall. We do it every year and it is great. Well lit, warm (almost too warm at times) and the candy is safe. This is the shot I got before the fun began. My two happy puppies. They were so adorable. Both of them had itchy noses throughout the fun so I was the official puppy nose scratcher! And suddenly once the black came off... no more itchy noses. So funny.

Thanks to Nana for two wonderful costumes again this year and to Build A Bear for the great candy bags!!

Hope your Halloween was wonderful and full of candy you want to eat!

Still plugging away at the Christmas cards. Been a few days since I have worked on them. Hoping to do some today/ tonight as DH is out of town for the day. Lots of other chores and things I have to do before I can play. drat.

Hope to be back here more often. Hate being a blog slacker. See ya's.