19 January 2013

project life 2012

I have finally motivated myself into posting all the pictures for 2012 on my Project Life blog. Since I didn't want to overwhelm anyone interested in looking, I will be posting a weeks worth of photos once a day until February 5th.

From now until then, I will also be posting the completed weekly layouts as I get them photographed. Lots on my to do list. 

T H E N... I will start posting our pictures from 2013. This year due to the different elements in the kits, I will be putting the dates on the pictures when I edit them for size. That should help me so much when I get them back from the photo lab.

Thought I would share. Off to get my hind end in gear to work on some of that to do list. It seems to keep getting longer even though I keep crossing things off of it. Does anyone else have this problem?? 

17 January 2013

finding my groove again

I have been having some issues with being motivated lately. Not feeling the mojo of creating. Chores are done but only when absolutely necessary. My blog... so far behind. And I won't mention my Project Life blog that is crying out to be updated. 

I am thinking it is the winter time draining me. Short daylight hours and long nights. WHEN the sun shines it is not nearly as bright as I would like so I feel disappointed.

Then this happens.....

This amazing sunrise. Happened to capture it this morning. I LOVE the pink in the blue sky. I love the snow clinging to the branches and blanketing everything. So fresh. So full of possibilities. 

This will help and it is now my wallpaper so I can look at it when things don't look so bright.

Find  your inspiration and grab it firmly with both hands. We can survive winter.