28 May 2014

yes i did and am not ashamed to say so

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, along comes a famished shark and chomps your leg off.
At least that is how I feel right about now.

The new year came in with a much debated warrant article concerning the building of a Junior Senior High School for our fair town. I wrote here on my blog concerning my position of wanting the school to be built. I posted status updates on Facebook my desire as well as added pictures telling everyone what I wanted. I put signs on my lawn. I walked in a family event march in support of a new school. I was more than forthcoming. For all of that, I am proud to say I did everything I could to try to get the town's children a new building in which to receive an education. I am not ashamed of any of it. And I still believe that the only individuals who lost out on March 11, 2014 were the students of Newmarket. 

During that time, many households in Newmarket received two letters from a group calling themselves Newmarket Citizens for Responsible School Solutions (NCFRSS). These letters were full of misinformation. I wrote blog entries concerning their errors which you can read here, and here.

I am posting both of the mailings below.

What is missing from these letters is an actual real live persons name who will take responsibility for sending these out to the voters of Newmarket. That is the law. If you send something to voters telling them how to vote in an election, the name of the responsible person must be included. Not a made up group name which played off of the real live Newmarket Solutions group name, but an actual real live registered voter in town. Both of the letters sent out did not include such information.

When it was made public that this law was being violated with these mailings, concerned residents in town sent in complaints to the Attorney General's office. I am not ashamed to say that I was one that complained about the NCFRSS mailings. I did receive a letter back from the Attorney General letting me know that the complaint was being looked into and I would be hearing again at the close of the investigation.

Fast forward to earlier this week when I received the letter below.

It is addressed to the responsible party Amy M. Thompson. Those of us who made complaints are listed in the CC at the bottom of the second page. I am proud to have my name attached to this cease and desist order addressed to Ms. Thompson. 

Now for the fun part-- Ms. Thompson is the chairperson of the town's Budget Committee. The talk in town is that she should be forced to resign from that board for her actions during the 2014 voting season. Once again I will put myself and my opinion out there and will agree that Ms. Amy Thompson should not be allowed to be a member of the Budget Committee going forward. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking it and as an elected official, the standards of ethics need to be upheld. As of right now, nothing has been decided but we shall see.

Of course the few outspoken NO voters that do all of their talking via the internet have tried to crucify those of us who complained. I have not read any of their complaints because my life does not revolve around what they say or think about me or the March 11th vote and am basing the above statement on what I have been told. I proudly stand behind my actions and statements. If I wouldn't say it to your face or in a public forum/ place, I would not put it on the internet. I ask the NO voters to do the same or keep their mouths shut. 

Proud that I voted YES for a new school and will continue to fight for the education of Newmarket's students.

17 May 2014

where have i been?

I have been thrust into the world of all things puppy! Gizmo has been keeping me on my toes since we picked him up on April 18th. He is a smart one and is learning things pretty quickly. The potty training is going well. And the kids love him to pieces.

I need to find time for me and get some things posted here. Crossing fingers he lets me do it soon. The breeder said we would be hitting the separation anxiety phase between weeks 12 and 14. Guess who is 12 weeks today?? Yup my Gizmo. He loves us all but I seem to be his favorite. Which during waking hours I do not mind in the least. But in the middle of the night.... not so much.

Anywho... here are some pictures I am sharing. He is an Alaskan Klee Kai and will probably be between 25-30 pounds when he finishes growing. He is considered imperfect for his breed because he is completely white. I consider him perfect because of his whiteness and blue eyes. 

Enjoy and hope to post more soon!!