27 September 2010

my impending project

I have been slacking... BIG TIME!! I have let my scrapping room become a pit. Seriously it is hideous. As punishment for it getting so bad, I am posting pictures of my nightmare. This room is 6X9 and I have barely enough room to step through the door and sit at the computer. Scrapping?? ha! That is not happening here for awhile! My desk is lost beneath a mound of stuff. So here is my shame. I have begun today to reorganize and claim my space. Gonna take a few days but it will so be worth it.

As you walk into my room, this board is next to my computer. It needs to be redone. There are things on there I never use. And some I totally forgot were there! oh the shame.

Computer area. Needs a serious make over there!!

My printer area and main paper storage. Needs reworking too!

My desktop!! Not much getting done there. But it sure does hold a lot of stuff!!

Mess on the floor. Some of it is from a crop a few weeks back. Some is just been dumped there. And some is part of the reorganizing I am going to be doing. The cream colored bag on the floor, is what broke my little piggy toe this weekend. Dumb bag.

Shelves. Totally need reworking of them. They are not working for me anymore!

Sigh... more stuff that needs to be moved and organized.

Two more boards that hold not much. And what they do hold.... may not even be needed!!

That is a tour of my pit. It is going to be a long road, but I know I can do this! I shall be scrapping once again in a clean space! Wish me luck. But for now, I need to run to pick Kira up from Girl Scouts!!

20 September 2010

the new and improved alex!

And here he is!! He got a haircut!! woohoo. First one since before our trip to Walt Disney World in April! We went to the Snip It's in Danvers, MA and had to wait. We always have to wait. sigh. But it was worth it. He wasn't cranky or crabby and let the girl cut his hair without a trimmer. He did amazing. Such a big boy. Can't say the same for the little boy across the aisle. His haircut did not go as well. Poor mom. Look at my little man....

And a side shot. I can see his ears!! woohoo. Yes I do confess, I miss the beginning of his curls. They were starting to come back. Good thing we got the haircut today cuz if the curls came back, he was not getting them cut off my me. I did it once. That's enough. LOL

And after the haircut... time for Kelly's Roast Beef!! oh yummy yummy yummy in my tummy! So happy. And stuffed. Love me my Kelly's.

It's been a good day. Looking forward to doing all the laundry tomorrow that I ignored today. Oh yes... I cannot wait to tackle the huge mountain that has found it's way to the laundry room. I may rise early to get a good jump on it. Really! Honestly. (and now I will uncross my fingers)

ick pooh laundry. Maybe I can start cleaning up this pit I call a scraproom. Need to start working on those Christmas cards. They are not going to make themselves! Darn it all. Off to see if the kiddos want something to eat or not before I toss them into bed. Everyone seems to be feeling better. I can breathe which is a very good thing. Hoping this cough doesn't linger.

18 September 2010

we are sick

Man... Why does this happen every year?? We make it through the entire summer with not a single sniffle. The first full week of school and Kira had to stay home with a fever and stuffy nose for a day. Man... it stinks. And once one of us gets it... yup you guessed it... all of us have it. Poor hubby is fighting it like crazy since he has a meeting this week and is speaking for most of it. Alex sounds so cute with his lack of voice. Me... my throat is killing me! grrrrr

On a positive side... Kira was voted by her class as one of the two Student Council representatives! I am so proud of her. She created a campaign poster and a speech to give in front of her class. Such a big thing. Glad she went for it and did it. Wondering where this will take her in her life? oh the paths that are opening up for her!! So proud of my girl.

Should be a fun week. Monday Kira has a half day at school. Yes it is the second full week of school and there is a teachers day. Don't ask. Anywho... we are heading down to Peabody, MA for a haircut for Alex at Snip It's and then some mouth watering roast beef deliciousness from Kelly's. I am so looking forward to it. Even if I feel horrible, Kelly's will make it all perfect again!

Look for pictures of the new and improved Alex Monday!! No more shaggy little man for me!

10 September 2010

i am outta here!

Well not until this afternoon but close enough for me. I am heading to Augusta Maine to spend the weekend with some of my good scrapping friends. It is a much needed time away from everything. I do believe I am holding onto a LARGE amount of stress. I think I will leave it in Augusta... maybe on 95N. So if you see it, run in the opposite direction. It is an evil thing.

My hubby is going to have a great weekend with the kiddos and I know they will love hanging out with him. He is going to take them to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. We have a bunch of tokens left over from our last time there as well as coupons so they will be good for the evening. He is also going to make a tent for them to sleep in. They like that stuff.

And on the potty training front... my little boy is getting to be so big!! Last night he peed on the potty before heading to bed (which took a bribe of chocolate) and he woke up dry as a bone. He was running around with his sister and stopped and ran to the bathroom because he had to go bad! So proud. We are getting there.

Every morning when we drop Kira off at school he is asking if he is going to school with her. I keep telling him next year when we have the whole potty thing under control. Trying to explain to him that his teachers will not like changing poopy pull ups because he won't go #2 on the potty yet. But he is putting on the pull ups to go in them. And in my opinion, that is a better clean up than dirty undies!

As I said... we're doing pretty good for a month and a half into this training thing.

Off to finish cleaning, packing and getting things ready. Enjoy. Pictures to follow on Monday!!

09 September 2010


I am feeling it now. The lack of sleep. It is hitting me smack dab right in the face. And man does it hurt! I need to get some sleep soon. Hoping the kids will stay in their beds and stop coming down to visit me in the middle of the night. Hoping that my mind will shut off and stay off for the entire night time hours. Hoping I don't drink too much before bed and have to get up to use the bathroom. I'm hoping for a lot. Wonder if it will work.

In the meantime... I need to get packing for my weekend get away with the girls. My scrapping buddies. I am looking forward to the wonderful food. The laughs and the creativity. Did I mention the food?? Cuz I am gonna be partaking of a bunch of it.

Then again... the bed is looking mighty comfy right now. Wonder what I will do.... off to figure it out!

07 September 2010

weekend in syracuse

We went to the New York State Fair while we were there. The kids hadn't been in a couple of years so it was a fun time. They of course were more interested in finding the Webkinz 'van' It was all good as when we found it, the guy gave away a ton of goodies to the kids. Then it was time to do some eating. Alex totally enjoyed his chocolate chip cookie that Grandpa bought for him. He didn't want to share with mommy. I guess he thought I would eat it all on him.

Kira got her first taste of Fair milk. The best 25 cents you can spend at the Fair. She loved it!

My lunch of a cheese steak sandwich. Delish!! Messy but totally worth it.

And the Wine tent. Underneath it's flowing sides, there are a few New York State wineries with their goods. The best thing... wine slushies!! oh yeah baby. You can get two per person which we did and then took them and poured them into our insulated water bottles to drink as we enjoyed the Fair. yummy!!!

It was a good day over all. The kids had a good time and I ate all the foods I wanted to enjoy. Makes for a happy tummy with all that Fair food.

Now we are home again and working on getting into the school routine. Some of us are kicking and screaming about it. But we shall overcome that. I am heading to Augusta Maine this weekend for a MUCH needed mommy break. I cannot wait to hang with my girl friends and laugh until my sides hurt. It will do a world of good to this mommy.

Off to hit the sheets. I'm a beat mommy today. Crossing my fingers that the laundry fairies come and do their job tonight and fold those baskets of clean clothes I washed.