27 September 2010

my impending project

I have been slacking... BIG TIME!! I have let my scrapping room become a pit. Seriously it is hideous. As punishment for it getting so bad, I am posting pictures of my nightmare. This room is 6X9 and I have barely enough room to step through the door and sit at the computer. Scrapping?? ha! That is not happening here for awhile! My desk is lost beneath a mound of stuff. So here is my shame. I have begun today to reorganize and claim my space. Gonna take a few days but it will so be worth it.

As you walk into my room, this board is next to my computer. It needs to be redone. There are things on there I never use. And some I totally forgot were there! oh the shame.

Computer area. Needs a serious make over there!!

My printer area and main paper storage. Needs reworking too!

My desktop!! Not much getting done there. But it sure does hold a lot of stuff!!

Mess on the floor. Some of it is from a crop a few weeks back. Some is just been dumped there. And some is part of the reorganizing I am going to be doing. The cream colored bag on the floor, is what broke my little piggy toe this weekend. Dumb bag.

Shelves. Totally need reworking of them. They are not working for me anymore!

Sigh... more stuff that needs to be moved and organized.

Two more boards that hold not much. And what they do hold.... may not even be needed!!

That is a tour of my pit. It is going to be a long road, but I know I can do this! I shall be scrapping once again in a clean space! Wish me luck. But for now, I need to run to pick Kira up from Girl Scouts!!


  1. I think your space is all kinds of fun & has just as much potential!

    Where to start is usually half the battle, but You Can Do It!

    Thanks So Much For Taking The Monthly Challenge!



  2. Wow, your space looks like mine. I don't feel so alone now. LOL. Like you, I have stuff that I rarely use, forget I have, etc. You'll get yours all cleaned up long before I do the same with mine, I'd wager!