31 May 2011

parade pictures

And because she asked so nicely.... here are the pictures from the town parade yesterday Alien!! Of course everyone else can look at them... but please wait for Alien to look first since she did ask for them. *giggle*

Here's my little guy before the parade. He was a posing fool while we waited. We were at the very end of the parade route. It ends at the cemetery across the street from our house. Works good for us!! So we had a bit of time to kill before anyone crossed our path. He loves doing these wacky poses for me when I have my camera.

This is Kira's troop. I would love to point her out to you... but she is not here. I was concerned that they had lost her during the parade. Seriously wondered where she was. The Brownie troop behind them is headed up by my friend Nicole.

Oh look.... there she is behind the Brownies. She was walking with her friend Maggie who is in another troop in the town. Should have known that is where she would be. Can't blame her. They did have a play date earlier in the day. Oh in case you are wondering... she is the one with the floral skirt on looking at the camera. LOL Her troop leaders are the two of the ladies behind her. The one with the sunglasses waving and the one in the black shirt. They are amazing. I am so happy they are still working with the girls. Love them!!

Here's her troop. At least some of them. Not everyone marched. Good group of girls.

Here's Kira with her friend Maggie. Had to get a shot of her patches on the back of her vest. Nana works hard to get them all on. Those ones are NOT iron on and mommy sewing... not a good thing. Much safer to let Nana handle that. I do know my limits and sewing patches is beyond me!

Today I did manage to get the front bed uncovered from the dead leaves and weeds. I am SORE! Need to pick up some mulch and maybe a couple plants to fill in the spaces of the ones that died over the winter. I'll write that on the shopping list for tomorrow when we hit Home Depot for two new doors. Nothing like stuffing the van full when the kids are at school. :)

pagemap layout for contest


Every once in awhile I get the urge to enter one of the contests that are offered on the PageMaps blog. Yup, you guessed it, the urge hit me this weekend. It's taken me since Thursday to work on this page. I had a ton of ideas for it and kept changing my mind and getting new ideas in the process. It was easier to walk away than get overwhelmed.

But I finished it!!

When I went to print the pictures, I knew I didn't want four 4X6's on the layout. So I printed them all out on a 5X7. I wasn't planning on cutting them apart, but it worked out perfect for this contest and sketch! These were all the great pictures my kids did for me on our visit during Turn Off TV Week at school. (mentioned in this blog post) I scanned them and edited to size.

I went digging through my stash to find the pattern papers and managed to come up with four coordinating sheets. Two of them were from the same manufacturer. The other two just happened to work! Love that.

I used an EK Success border punch (swiss cheese) on this layout for the white block on the left hand side and on the layouts edges. I used another EK Success border punch for the bit under the title (parisian edger). I backed the edges with white cardstock. Added some extra large brads that have been kicking around for awhile backed by cardstock circles.

Also got into my Labels Fourteen Nesties where the date is stamped under Alex's picture and for the title space. Also used my petite scallop circles LG Nesties on the pattern paper on the white space in the left side. The journaling is located behind the page in a pocket... pull up on the pink tab at the top of the page. The title letters are Heidi Swapp chipboard letters (center of attention in white)

There you have it. I totally enjoyed doing this page. Fun to do something totally different every once in awhile. And if you are interested in joining me for this contest... here's all the information that you need to know.

30 May 2011

memorial day

It was a hot one here today. I am so happy that they had the town parade at 6:30pm instead of at noon!! Don't think I would have enjoyed it as much. I'll post pictures tomorrow of my girl marching with her Girl Scout troop. I'm beat and need to hit the bed as the regular week will start again tomorrow.... is it June 22nd yet?? School will never be out! grrrrr

Anywho... lots to do this week. With hopefully lots of pictures to follow! Wish us luck on the possible painting of both the garage and the house. Along with replacing the falling off trim around the garage doors as well as replacing the side door on the garage and the side entrance door of our house. Looking forward to getting rid of the glass in the doors. AND getting dead bolts installed on both of them. Long week ahead of me.

On the sharing front... we did manage to get the deck furniture out of the garage yesterday before we all felt too sticky and gross from the wonderfully HOT weather. We also got the winter cover off of the sandbox. That was a bit interesting as there was a small family of mice living in the sandbox!! Seriously... who does that?? I screamed a bit as I was so not expecting anything living in there (maybe a spider or two) but mice. Nope. Didn't see that coming. Poor hubby was behind the extremely large winter sandbox cover and couldn't see why I was screaming, until he peeked around. The good news... they ran off the deck pretty quick (probably under the deck) and hubby cleaned the nest and rest of their belongings out of the sandbox. They have been evicted. I'm a bit scared to move the summer sandbox cover. I don't want to see them again. eeeek. I don't do wildlife well. The summer cover fits better than the winter but we'll see. I may have to hire the neighbors cat for some mousing duty.

Pictures tomorrow. Not of the mice... parade and whatever else strikes my fancy!!

27 May 2011


oh yeah. So glad it is Friday. It was pretty good but glad it is over. Alex's allergies were pretty bad this morning so his eyes were swollen a bit. Gave him some benadryl and he was good to go. His teacher said he wasn't as zippy today as he usually is. I think I may be onto something.

Kira was pushing and testing the boundaries from the moment she walked out of the school building today. I keep explaining to her that things are not going to change- get over it. It could be a long summer at this rate.

I did get a bit of time to work on a layout. I am working on a challenge on the PageMaps blog. It's a pretty neat sketch so I am trying it. We'll see how it comes out. But it can't hurt to enter... right?? Anyone out there care to join me? It's open until Sunday June 12 at midnight MST. And the prize package is amazingly wonderful. But since I won't win... I can at least say I have removed a few more pictures from the boxes. :)

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment. Then I think we shall be working outside to start cleaning up winter. Somehow all the leaves I got out of my flower beds in the fall... have returned. Not sure how that happened, but they needs to go. Who knows... maybe I'll even get some mulch for that bed. I know... stop the craziness.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Keep safe and God Bless our troops.

26 May 2011


...and a picture for my mom. This was in one of the houses we visited on the 4th grade field trip yesterday at Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth, NH. My mom is an incredible seamstress/ sewer whatever you want to call it. She is really, really good at it. (and yes you are mom so don't tell me different)

And since she is so good, she has a pretty nifty machine (actually I think she has two or three) They are so nifty, they tell you when your bobbin is empty and they even cut the thread when you are done sewing. Very neat. Anywho, when she would come to my house I would only have an older machine that was once hers. You know the kind... two stitches and maybe if you were lucky the button hole would work. If I had mending to be done, she would use my older machine and complain the whole time that using it was like using a treadle Singer machine.

The picture below is of a Singer Treadle machine. Posting this just for my mom. For the longest time we actually had one of these in our basement. I think it was my grandmother's or great grandmother's. I can't remember but it was there. It wasn't set up but it was always in the closed position as my mom didn't use it. I remember it being there.

My mom has since replaced my very old machine and gotten me one with some fancy stitches. I should try some out. LOL She has also left at my house one of her high tech machines for her use when she comes. There always seems to be something that needs fixing when she comes for a visit. I try not to mend them as I hate to take away the fun for her. :) Of course she did mention that I am not allowed to use her machine for my scrapping. Something about dulling the needle and that her machine does not sew paper. Fine... keep your silly machine. If I used it, it would probably shut itself off as it knows I am not a sewer!

Below is another fun picture of Kira on the field trip. She was heading into one of the last houses we needed to visit. She picked up the flower at one of the other houses. It was for me, but my hands were full so she held it for me. I did get a picture of it as by the time we got to the bus to head home, it was pretty wilted.

Don't you just LOVE the color of her shirt?? It worked great in keeping track of her in the crowds. No one was brighter!! (kinda like my girl)

Have a super one. I need to get some rest. This sunburn is zapping my energy. Also doesn't help to have my little guy waking me up in the middle of the night. This cold is kicking his butt. Good news... his cough is much better and not as often... AND he is eating again.

25 May 2011

exhausted wednesday

Much too tired to type much. Had a great evening out last night with the group of ladies whom I worked with for the Spring Auction. Turned into a late night (but totally worth it)

Got into bed around 11:30pm only to be woken up by my little man running a fever and coughing. Poor thing. Got him some medicine. Tucked him into his Tigger couch/ napper bed right next to my bed and tried to go to sleep. Nope, didn't happen as I was listening to Alex cough so hard. He finally fell asleep as did I... about the time my alarm went off. sigh.

Had to get moving as I was chaperoning a field trip for Kira's class. Got everything packed and headed to the school. Got my group and off to the buses we went. It was a great trip full of New Hampshire history. The kids are studying that right now. My sunscreen sweat off of my during the bus ride and I forgot to bring more so I am a happy little lobster/ raccoon looking creature. Yup... sunglasses on face all day.

Good news. The kids had fun. I didn't lose anyone and I took a boatload of pictures!! Always the best. This is one of my favorites from the trip. Something about the back of your kids head and the focus then becomes whatever is in the background... love it. That's the bridge in Portsmouth, New Hampshire heading into Maine. I know it has an official name but at the moment it has slipped my mind. I shall have to look it up tomorrow.

I am off to my jammies and a comfy couch. Going to try to make it through all the fluff of American Idol. We'll see if I survive or fall asleep. I'm beat.

24 May 2011

tuesday...i'm here!

That is a good sign. I said I would be back and I made it. whew... Now if I could get scrapping things would be even better. Oh well... at least the family has clean clothes to wear. That too is important for some people. *giggle*

The picture below was my POTD for my Project Life yesterday. Alex had a small accident and wet his bed so I got the fun of remaking his bed with clean sheets. As you can see, he sleeps with a 'few' animals and it is a captains bed with the storage below and pushed against the wall... not the easiest thing to make. But I did it. whew...

And this is a close up of the main group that has to be there. I have been shifting a few of them out at a time as he keeps finding new ones to join the group. Eventually he'll have to get them all out of his bed but for now there is plenty of room for him and the gang.

And this was the fun project I was working on yesterday with the stickles. Man does she sparkle now!! So darn purty. I got the Hello Kitty Sizzix die at Joanns' on clearance. I do believe it was 50% off the ticketed price of $8. I know it was a steal and it feels good to get her out and use her. I'm sure she'll like her new home. Not telling where that home is... the lucky person will just have to wait for the snail mail. :)

Off to fold more laundry. I get it all washed and dried and then it has to be folded too! Man... so not fair. If I ever find those laundry fairies, I'm tying them to my machines so they can't leave. They have been very lax in their duties at my place. If they are with you, can you send them along to my house... I need them. Thanks!!

23 May 2011

start of the week

Let's see if I can be better about creating and blogging, shall we?? We'll start with today and see how things go. So far so good. I finally finished up a little something that will be sent out hopefully on Wednesday. Stickles are drying on it now so there might be a picture coming tomorrow.

Until then, I shall share a couple of pictures from last week. The first one is Kira with her BFF's Michaela and Cedar. This was at the chorus and band field trip that my faboo hubby went on so that I could take Alex to his kindergarten visitation. He took some amazing pictures. I have taught him well over the years. :)

Each of the girls is now sporting a butterfly mood ring from Michaela. So darn cute. Love these girls.

And can't leave my boy out! He has once again started wearing mis-matched socks. He had stopped for awhile but is now back in the habit. Yes those are his summer sandals. He loves them and insists on wearing them. Not a big deal so I let him.

We were at Build A Bear Workshop picking up a few more stuffed animals (since we have none) and I had to get this shot of his feet. He uses both feet to make sure the stuffing really gets into his animals!!

Today is speeding by quite quickly for me. Of course I have been running around since around 5am when Alex woke me up to let me know he wet his bed. sigh... I'll be remaking his bed shortly and putting the large quantity of animals back in their proper locations. He makes sure to let me know when I put them in the wrong spots. Glad someone remembers!

Kira is still on her "testing her boundaries" kick. How many times do you have to slam your head into the wall before you realize that wall is not moving?? I think it's going to take her a bit of time. Good thing she has a hard head.

And happy for us, this is the first Monday in forever that Kira has NOTHING scheduled for after school. Woohoo! Seems strange to not be thinking of how to get dinner, bath and homework into our small window of time before bed. We'll be lounging around tonight looking for things to do. LOL

Off to finish my stickle project. If you're good, I'll post it tomorrow. Till then....

19 May 2011


Yes I am here.
Yes I have been busy.
Yes I am a slacker on the blog front.
I humbly beg your forgiveness for my long absence.

Last Friday was the 1st annual Spring Auction hosted by the PTA at our school. I was happy to participate and see the amazing work of some wonderful ladies. They did so much work behind the scenes and it was a wonderful auction. We raised over $5000! And that money will be put to good use in the fall in the form of two after school activities- a drama production and a Lego League/Club. So excited!!

So there was that. And the allergies which at this time are under control due to the week of rain we have had. Plus it's just that time of the year that everything is wrapping up at school and lots of gatherings and shows to see. I have done nothing at my desk except throw my camera on it (okay really didn't throw it) Sad. I need to do something creative soon.

On Saturday we took the kids to Kittery, Maine to shop at the Children's Place outlet. I hate paying the tax on the clothes, but their selection is usually better since it is a bigger store than most in my area. Kira needed some shorts. Heck... she needed a ton of shorts! The girl has grown and only two pairs of shorts fit this year. The only reason they fit as I bought them bigger at the end of summer (on sale at the outlet!!) Oh yeah... and a bathing suit. Hers were a tad too small. (insert angry father's face here if I let her wear the ones she had!!)

While we were in Kittery. We needed some lunch and hubby took us to the Weathervane. Very unusual as I am the only one in the family that eats seafood (and not much of it at that!) But a good fish and chips is always a winner for me. It was a good lunch and the kids ate good. They had these cute lobsters out front that the kids had to get their picture taken with. Hubby had to help Alex up as there wasn't a bench to stand on. Aren't they the cutest lobsters you have ever seen?? LOL That's my new wallpaper. BTW... Kira is an angry lobster.

Off to see if I can get anything done. This rain has really sucked the life out of me. Not in the mood to do much of anything. Need to snap out of it. Thanks for stopping by. I promise to not be a stranger!

10 May 2011

still here

I know it has been awhile since I have been here. Last week I was attacked by my eyes and nose. They were basically trying to get off my face and hide from the pollen that was in the air. I was miserable most of the week, but did manage to scrap a bit (in between sneezes and blurry eyes) Good news is I am feeling better and hopefully will keep all facial parts in their proper places.

I am working on our Disney trip from 2008. Have a few hundred more pictures to scrap so I'll work on these until I get fried and then try something else. But for now... enjoy Walt Disney World from the year 2008!

This first one is when we had breakfast at Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary Resort. Yummy food and great pictures. Alex wasn't too sure about the characters. Especially as most of them wanted to give him big hugs!! He was happy to see Mickey... until Mickey touched his nose! He didn't scream or cry, he turned away and rubbed his nose. So cute. After that, he didn't trust any of the other characters and kept turning his head away.

I used a Pagemap from September 2006 for this layout. The laser die cut I either purchased at CKC one year or at Mouse Memories. I can't remember but it worked nicely with this. I stickled the title part since it looked a little bland. The Mickey eyelets I bought at Disney World. Yup... rockin' the old school materials!

Same day... more pictures. The group shot they take before you sit down. Then they casually bring it to your table while you are eating and all happy from seeing the characters that you agree to pay for them. It's a nice racket for them. LOL

I used my Mickey Mouse head deco scissors (purchased at Disney World) and some chipboard letters from K & Company that I have had for awhile. The pictures of Kira with her napkin are part of the fun. The characters lead a parade and all the kids follow behind with their napkins and the adults at the table twirl theirs as well. Pretty neat.

I used a pagemap from May 2008 for this one.

On another day we had breakfast with Lilo, Stitch, Pluto and Mickey at the Polynesian Resort. We all got leis and were called Cousins the whole time we were there. It was fun. We kept Alex away from the characters and in the end, I had to take him out of the restaurant because he was too nervous. Poor kid. But Kira, she had a blast!! Stitch is daddy's favorite so he really enjoyed this meal.

I used a pagemap from May 2007 for this layout. I dug out my Aphrodite Sizzlits for the title, then stickled those letters and even did some sewing! The papers are from a DCWV summer stack. Not sure which year, but the tropical theme worked for these pictures. And flowers. Lots of flowers. As pretty as they are in the jars they are now in on my desk, they look prettier on layouts!!

Another parade during our meal!! Guess the mouse doesn't want you eating. LOL It's great for the kids and they have fun. Kira thought she was pretty cool with her maraca! I used Aphrodite Sizzlits for the title and then stickled them! I punched out some Mickey heads and stickled those as well. There was so much going on, I kept the embellishing to a minimum.

Pagemap from September 2005 was used for this.

Again... the picture before your meal! Poor Alex most of the group shots he looks so lost and confused. He didn't quite get it. I hand stitched the circle. I used my new tool from CKC We R Memory Makers Sew Easy. Pretty darn cool. I used some embroidery floss. And more flowers!! Now if someone can explain to me why I had my hand behind my back like that!! LMBO!

Pagemap used December 2005.

The kids Mouse Ears. Kira insisted on having these heavy furry ears. She didn't wear them long at the park, her poor head was soaked!! Rockin' the deco scissors and eyelets again!! And the Mickey head brad!! Totally says Disney. The "nice ears" brad is from Creative Imaginations. I have 5 more sayings to use so you'll be seeing more of them. Pictures taken in our room at the Pop Century Resort. I journaled and tucked it behind Kira's picture which is pop dotted so it didn't catch on the deco scissor Mickey heads.

Pagemap used October 2009.

Off to work on some more pages. Maybe even the laundry. You never know!! Have a great one!

02 May 2011

scrapping the weekend away

and did a bit of shopping at the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Manchester. My friend Jackie drove down from Maine to go with me. We had a really good time. And managed to not lose any wallets or purchases!! I'll have to post some pictures later of the fun we had with our missing friends mini her paper doll that we made. We had to make sure that the three of us had a good time. LOL

Anyways... I did manage to do some scrapping. I was going to work on Kira's 7th birthday, but I seem to be missing some pictures. Not sure how that happened so I put those on hold after I finished this first page. I'll go back once I locate those pictures. I used some cardstock stickers that had been hanging around for awhile. I used the Hello Kitty papers as it was a Hello Kitty themed party. This picture I took before the celebration began. She's such a ham. I did use a pagemap for this but forgot to write down which one it was. Bad me.

Then since I couldn't work on the birthday stuff, I moved along to our 2008 Walt Disney World trip. Alex looks so small. And he was. But it is fun to see him way back when. And Kira too was a tad smaller.

I used a pagemap from May 2009 for this layout. I used some Mickey heads buttons that have been hanging around here for awhile, as well as some of the confetti that was used on one of our tables while we were dining at Disney. The kids loved the Tea Cups. So cute!! Added some stickles to the Sizzix cut tea cups. There are also hidden Mickey's on all the layouts I've done. Something I picked up from an amazing scrapper on Scrapbook.com Scrappycath. She hides Mickey heads on her Disney layouts as well and I thought it was so clever. Kira LOVES looking for them on the pages. It's fun to hide them as well!! I really should keep track of how many are on each page, but I don't. LOL

Mickey's House. I have had the paper piecing FOREVER!! It was made by my friend Nancy. I had to wait till I scrapped these pictures to use it and it was perfect!! I used a pagemap from June 2006 for this layout. The Mickey head strip I cut with a pair of deco scissors I had purchased at Disney. So much fun!! Love Mickey's fun house. Papers... been collecting them for years.

Outside of Mickey's house on your way to the Judge's Tent to see Mickey, you get to walk through the garden. Fun things happening there. I punched the Mickey heads out with a punch of mine. It was worth it for this layout. I pulled out my red Sizzix machine and used my Playground Sizzlit font for the title. Yup... bringing back old school tricks. I used a pagemap from August 2007 for this layout.

Finally got into the Judge's Tent and got to wait in line to meet Mickey. The line goes slow but it is air conditioned so it balances things out. The first page is a pagemap from May 2008 and the second is a pagemap from September 2008. I couldn't find a two page one that I liked for all the pictures I had. Alex was doing well with keeping up with us, until he got into the dark-ish and cool tent. Then we lost him to sleep. He missed meeting Mickey at that time but we got him in the picture so that he knows we didn't just leave him in the stroller somewhere!! Poor thing. As soon as we walked back outside into the sun and heat, he woke right up.

I used a rub on for the title on the second page that is from Creative Imaginations as were the brad on the large picture and the sticker on the Alex sleeping picture. I picked up the ribbon at Michaels awhile back from their dollar bin. Lots of stash being used.

Snow White is Kira's favorite princess. In fact the only princess she does like. So we got to get her picture twice!! Both of them were so nice to Kira and made her feel special. I stickled the chipboard letters since I thought Snow White could use some bling. The full length Snow White is a Jolee's 3D sticker as are the birds. I used a pagemap from March 2005 for this layout.

Not too bad considering we spent most of Saturday shopping at CKC!! Thanks to Jackie for coming down and hanging with me. Now I am getting inspired to continue working on my Disney vacation pictures, which is good since I have two FULL photo boxes to work with!!

01 May 2011

pta spring auction buckets

I made up 6 of these pinwheels for the PTA Spring Auction that is going to be on May 13th. I am not sure if they will be used for decorations or for raffles. I have to hear back from the chairperson. But I think they came out pretty sweet.

Close up of the bucket fronts. These buckets were from the Target dollar spot and were 30% off!! What a steal. I got the Easter grass at Walmart at 50% off!! I used my newest Nestie die for the tag and added some butterflies for fun. See what you have started Ms. Alien!! I used some silver metallic rub on paste around the edge of the tag to make the embossing stand out. Used a celebrate clear stamp. I did not have anything that said spring!! I will have to work on that. Very strange.

The colors aren't that great in the picture. It was too bright outside and too dark inside. I used paper from a DCWV Spring Stack. Not sure which year it was, but it was here so I used it. I put it through my Xyron (which amazingly was still sticky and had enough adhesive!!) And had fun with the pinwheels.

Not feeling 100% today. Dumb allergies are kicking my hind end. My poor eyes are red and itchy. I've had to wear my glasses all day. Something I don't do. Anywho, I am heading off to bed and closing my poor peepers. They are calling for rain on Tuesday. That should help wash some of this pollen out of the air.

I'll post the layouts I did this weekend when Jackie came to visit me. I did 11 pages!! Not too shabby considering we went to CKC on Saturday. Lots of goodies followed us home. More on that tomorrow.