27 May 2011


oh yeah. So glad it is Friday. It was pretty good but glad it is over. Alex's allergies were pretty bad this morning so his eyes were swollen a bit. Gave him some benadryl and he was good to go. His teacher said he wasn't as zippy today as he usually is. I think I may be onto something.

Kira was pushing and testing the boundaries from the moment she walked out of the school building today. I keep explaining to her that things are not going to change- get over it. It could be a long summer at this rate.

I did get a bit of time to work on a layout. I am working on a challenge on the PageMaps blog. It's a pretty neat sketch so I am trying it. We'll see how it comes out. But it can't hurt to enter... right?? Anyone out there care to join me? It's open until Sunday June 12 at midnight MST. And the prize package is amazingly wonderful. But since I won't win... I can at least say I have removed a few more pictures from the boxes. :)

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment. Then I think we shall be working outside to start cleaning up winter. Somehow all the leaves I got out of my flower beds in the fall... have returned. Not sure how that happened, but they needs to go. Who knows... maybe I'll even get some mulch for that bed. I know... stop the craziness.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Keep safe and God Bless our troops.

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