24 May 2011

tuesday...i'm here!

That is a good sign. I said I would be back and I made it. whew... Now if I could get scrapping things would be even better. Oh well... at least the family has clean clothes to wear. That too is important for some people. *giggle*

The picture below was my POTD for my Project Life yesterday. Alex had a small accident and wet his bed so I got the fun of remaking his bed with clean sheets. As you can see, he sleeps with a 'few' animals and it is a captains bed with the storage below and pushed against the wall... not the easiest thing to make. But I did it. whew...

And this is a close up of the main group that has to be there. I have been shifting a few of them out at a time as he keeps finding new ones to join the group. Eventually he'll have to get them all out of his bed but for now there is plenty of room for him and the gang.

And this was the fun project I was working on yesterday with the stickles. Man does she sparkle now!! So darn purty. I got the Hello Kitty Sizzix die at Joanns' on clearance. I do believe it was 50% off the ticketed price of $8. I know it was a steal and it feels good to get her out and use her. I'm sure she'll like her new home. Not telling where that home is... the lucky person will just have to wait for the snail mail. :)

Off to fold more laundry. I get it all washed and dried and then it has to be folded too! Man... so not fair. If I ever find those laundry fairies, I'm tying them to my machines so they can't leave. They have been very lax in their duties at my place. If they are with you, can you send them along to my house... I need them. Thanks!!


  1. Okay, first, that captain's bed is AWESOME!! But what's the awesomest????!!! Hello Kitty made it to Colorado!!! Holy crap, I can't thank you enough for that box!! I shall be posting pictures of the awesomeness we found inside, and the kids are already in baths to take advantage of the bubble gun and refills ~ the bubble gun got a standing ovation, but the refills got a "Wow, Terri is Cool!!"

    Thank you so much, Foltzes!!

  2. You are more than welcome Team Shively!! Bubbles and a bath... life is good.