19 May 2011


Yes I am here.
Yes I have been busy.
Yes I am a slacker on the blog front.
I humbly beg your forgiveness for my long absence.

Last Friday was the 1st annual Spring Auction hosted by the PTA at our school. I was happy to participate and see the amazing work of some wonderful ladies. They did so much work behind the scenes and it was a wonderful auction. We raised over $5000! And that money will be put to good use in the fall in the form of two after school activities- a drama production and a Lego League/Club. So excited!!

So there was that. And the allergies which at this time are under control due to the week of rain we have had. Plus it's just that time of the year that everything is wrapping up at school and lots of gatherings and shows to see. I have done nothing at my desk except throw my camera on it (okay really didn't throw it) Sad. I need to do something creative soon.

On Saturday we took the kids to Kittery, Maine to shop at the Children's Place outlet. I hate paying the tax on the clothes, but their selection is usually better since it is a bigger store than most in my area. Kira needed some shorts. Heck... she needed a ton of shorts! The girl has grown and only two pairs of shorts fit this year. The only reason they fit as I bought them bigger at the end of summer (on sale at the outlet!!) Oh yeah... and a bathing suit. Hers were a tad too small. (insert angry father's face here if I let her wear the ones she had!!)

While we were in Kittery. We needed some lunch and hubby took us to the Weathervane. Very unusual as I am the only one in the family that eats seafood (and not much of it at that!) But a good fish and chips is always a winner for me. It was a good lunch and the kids ate good. They had these cute lobsters out front that the kids had to get their picture taken with. Hubby had to help Alex up as there wasn't a bench to stand on. Aren't they the cutest lobsters you have ever seen?? LOL That's my new wallpaper. BTW... Kira is an angry lobster.

Off to see if I can get anything done. This rain has really sucked the life out of me. Not in the mood to do much of anything. Need to snap out of it. Thanks for stopping by. I promise to not be a stranger!

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  1. Awww, so good of you to check in, just been missin ya! That is a lot of money to raise, considering...yay!!! Those are the best looking lobsters ever! I absolutely adore seafood, which I could be out there getting the fresh stuff, that's for sure!!