26 May 2011


...and a picture for my mom. This was in one of the houses we visited on the 4th grade field trip yesterday at Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth, NH. My mom is an incredible seamstress/ sewer whatever you want to call it. She is really, really good at it. (and yes you are mom so don't tell me different)

And since she is so good, she has a pretty nifty machine (actually I think she has two or three) They are so nifty, they tell you when your bobbin is empty and they even cut the thread when you are done sewing. Very neat. Anywho, when she would come to my house I would only have an older machine that was once hers. You know the kind... two stitches and maybe if you were lucky the button hole would work. If I had mending to be done, she would use my older machine and complain the whole time that using it was like using a treadle Singer machine.

The picture below is of a Singer Treadle machine. Posting this just for my mom. For the longest time we actually had one of these in our basement. I think it was my grandmother's or great grandmother's. I can't remember but it was there. It wasn't set up but it was always in the closed position as my mom didn't use it. I remember it being there.

My mom has since replaced my very old machine and gotten me one with some fancy stitches. I should try some out. LOL She has also left at my house one of her high tech machines for her use when she comes. There always seems to be something that needs fixing when she comes for a visit. I try not to mend them as I hate to take away the fun for her. :) Of course she did mention that I am not allowed to use her machine for my scrapping. Something about dulling the needle and that her machine does not sew paper. Fine... keep your silly machine. If I used it, it would probably shut itself off as it knows I am not a sewer!

Below is another fun picture of Kira on the field trip. She was heading into one of the last houses we needed to visit. She picked up the flower at one of the other houses. It was for me, but my hands were full so she held it for me. I did get a picture of it as by the time we got to the bus to head home, it was pretty wilted.

Don't you just LOVE the color of her shirt?? It worked great in keeping track of her in the crowds. No one was brighter!! (kinda like my girl)

Have a super one. I need to get some rest. This sunburn is zapping my energy. Also doesn't help to have my little guy waking me up in the middle of the night. This cold is kicking his butt. Good news... his cough is much better and not as often... AND he is eating again.


  1. I am picturing you sitting in front of your mom's machine and as soon as you push the on button, it turns itself right back off. LOL...too funny!

  2. I would LOVE to see you use some fancy stitches! So easy and fun! That machine is amazing, and how funny/strange that many of us either had one like this in the house growing up or someone in the family actually used it. In the house where I grew up there was an old Singer and somehow the machine turned upside down underneath the wooden top, for storing. I do absolutely love the shirt that Kira's wearing, brilliant doing that to keep track of her!!

    My machine is technically for just sewing clothes/fabrics, but I just went and bought myself a needle that sews through Levi's or jean material, and it's perfect! Haven't had any troubles whatsoever!! The lady at the store when hubby bought it nearly fell over with fright when hubby told her that I'll be sewing paper with it, she said it wouldn't sew paper. My mother-in-love, the seamstress, said, "Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeze, I've had dozens of sewing machines over the years, and I've sewn on hundreds of different things and the important thing is just the needle." So I took her advice and now I consider myself to be a paper-sewing addict!!