28 April 2011

vacation week

oh yeah we are on vacation. Of course the first couple days it had to rain and be quite miserable out there. But yesterday.... ah sweet glorious yesterday! It was sunny. I do believe we hit 80. I didn't even bother to look it was so lovely out.

I took the kids to the rec center playground (looks much different when it's not raining and covered with Easter Eggs!!!) and let them run around for two hours! They had a blast and the energy that was released was wonderful!! Had to snap a picture before they started running like mad kids. The after picture was quite different. They were both sweaty and ready for the bath I ran for them when we got home!!

Me on the other hand sitting directly in the sun for two hours with no sunscreen on, ended up a little on the pink side of my paleness. Someday I'll learn and carry sunscreen with me whenever I go out.

Here's today's activity due to the overcast conditions and the darkness that has swallowed us up. Waiting for the thunderstorms to get here. I know they are coming since it is so warm out. Until then, my kitchen table resembles a playdoh factory explosion. So happy it cleans up nicely! And that they are playing together!! Even better.

I went outside to cut some daffodils before the rain came down and washed them away. So pretty!! I think I would have had more if the weather had cooperated at the beginning of the month. I don't think they liked the snow that came down on top of them!! But I'll take what I can get.

Here's hoping your day is as springy as ours. Off to work on a project I really want to get done!!

24 April 2011

happy easter everyone!

It was a good day here. Although it started rather early thanks to a couple of very excited kiddos. One in particular had to get up and felt the need to wake up her younger and sleeping brother. Gonna be an early night tonight for them!!

Here they are with their baskets before the big egg hunt. Just a little excited to get started.

Kira's basket of goodies from the Easter Bunny.

Alex's basket of goodies.

Kira finding eggs. She was so adorable. She would grab the eggs and turn to me and smile. She was all about the posing with the eggs today. Needless to say, I have a few of her with eggs and huge smiles!!

Alex doing his part to find eggs.

Time to open the eggs!! This years eggs had M&M's, skittles, Hershey chocolate eggs and smarties inside. All the good sugar groups!! The sad part is, they will not eat half of it. I'll be tossing most of it before the end of summer. It's the thought that counts.

Kira checking out the goodies in her basket. She has the pillow pet dog so she thought the mini was cute. Alex got the panda to match his pillow pet.

Here's the cake!! It was nummy. Thank goodness there is still some left for us to enjoy today. And little E.B.?? He is on my scrapping desk here. Saves on the kids fighting over him. I'm such a good mom to save my kids from these issues.

Hope your Easter was a great one and that the Bunny was good to you. Working on some stuff and with the kids on break, hope to get lots done this week. Keep your eyes peeled for the posts!!

23 April 2011

easter egg hunt at rec center

oh the joys of having an egg hunt in the pouring rain!! Because of the lovely spring weather we are having today, the games were brought inside. At least the Easter Bunny stayed dry. The rest of us got soaked!! But it was all good.

We were standing in line to get our picture taken with the Easter Bunny and I asked Alex if he wanted his picture taken and he said yes. Then I told him he could stand next to him and he said no. He wanted to sit on his lap!! Talk about happy mommy moment!! He climbed right up and smiled so nicely.

We brought our own peeps to the egg hunt!! LOL Here's my parents trying to keep dry and looking like a couple of peeps. I love it!! It certainly made it easier to spot them cuz you know it's not good to lose the grandparents at the egg hunt. The kiddos would not understand.

Here is Alex before his big hunt. We were hanging under the gazebo waiting his turn. He was so excited him and daddy went out to wait in the rain for his turn.

Here's Kira waiting for her turn. She came out with us to help encourage Alex to do his best and get as many eggs as he could. Which he did. And so did my little miss.

Glad to be home and dry. At least for a few more minutes. I'm heading out to Walmart to pick up our Easter cake. I'll post pictures as it will have E.B. from the Hop movie on it!! woohoo!

22 April 2011

week in review

Love a good Spirit Week at school. This year Kira really got into it and thought about what she wanted to wear and do each day. So much fun.

Today's theme was Earth Day- wear green. Well my little lady decided that since they said she should wear green, that should include her hair since we still had the coloring from Wacky Hair day. Okay... why not. So we sprayed her hair green this morning. I do believe she was the only one with green hair today. Talk about going green!!

For twin day, she became part of a group of triplets. They all wore pink shirts. How stinking cute are these girls?? They have really become good friends this year and they are all so sweet. I hope they get to be in the same class next year. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of them over the summer.

Hat day. Of course my rebel daughter had to wear her hat backwards all day. So darn cute!! The funny thing, her friend Maggie had the same hat but wore it the correct way. So coming and going you could see the hat with the two of them.

Now for 70's Day. Her bandana around her head is a belt from a long since outgrown pair of pants. It has a texture and its long so it is really perfect for getting into the groovy feel of the 70's. I know the monkey sweatshirt isn't really 70's but it was too chilly to wear a short sleeved shirt (which is what the white shirt is) Groovy man.

All in all, it was a good week and I think the kids all had fun with it. I'll have to post some pictures of Alex so he doesn't think I don't love him. Poor kid.

I have been working on my Project Life book and am up to the week of March 13th for my journaling. Cruising right along. I'll be all set when the mailman brings my box of pictures! So fun!

Tomorrow is the Easter Egg Hunt at the Rec Center. The kids are so excited I'm not sure they'll sleep much tonight. But here's hoping they do!! Promise pictures tomorrow of that fun!!

20 April 2011

jump rope show 2010

This is the project that has been laying on my desk that I finally finished up. Felt good to get to it. I used a pagemap from December 2008 for this layout.

This is from Kira's Jump Rope Show 2010. She didn't do jump rope this year which is sad because she had gotten really good at it. Then again, our weeks are busy enough and we don't need another after school activity!

Anywho... they put on this show every year with the jumpers which includes grade 1-5. Tons of kids and tons of spectators which makes the gym VERY warm. That would explain Alex sleeping on Dave. I am not sure how he fell asleep as it was quite a lot of noise with the music blaring but he managed it. The funny thing about that is, he has fallen asleep every year we have gone to the show!! Guess it's not his thing.

I had fun making the stars using my Cuttlebug and some dies I bought awhile back and haven't used. Thought they would work better than flowers. And I had to add the bling as Kira is such a blingy girl. The die cut jump rope girl I cut out at a scrapping crop that I went to in 2008. Yup... she has been hanging out here waiting to be used that long! Poor thing. But I did coat her in gunmetal stickles which I think made her quite happy. LOL

I am off to work on my Project Life book. I have been journaling on my computer and taking pictures. Just haven't quite got the two things into the album. I have finished up the journaling and pictures for January and am now working on the journaling for February. Only two more months to write out!! LOL I'll post some pictures when I can.

I also have to post the pictures of Kira's spirit week fun. Yesterday was twin day (she was part of a triplet set) and today is hat day. My grown up little lady wore a Chuck E Cheese baseball cap backwards. So cute.

18 April 2011

i am the coolest mom...EVER!!

I don't get to brag like that much so when I can... I'm shouting it from the rooftops!!

This week is Spirit Week at Kira's school. Always a fun filled week of craziness right before Spring Break. Today's theme was Wacky Hair day. Last year Kira wanted her hair pink. Of course she asks the morning of. ummm... sorry, out of pink dye this morning hon. LOL So I told her that at Halloween I would pick up some of the spray in hair color for her for this coming year. I think she thought I would forget to do it. Well HA! I remembered. I picked up purple, green and pink and tucked them away for this very day.

To say she was excited, would be a major understatement. I have never seen her move so fast in the morning! We pulled it back from her face so that she wouldn't have to keep touching it all day. I'm not sure how secure it will be on her hair and I didn't need her to come home with colored hands!! This is the green side (just for you Alien!!)

This is the top and back. Not sure why the picture got turned. It was the right way on the computer!! But you get the idea. Green and purple on the sides and pink in the back. And VERY SPARKLY!! Of course I ended up buying the hair color with glitter in it!!

Here's the purple side.

And here is my very happy little lady!! I wouldn't let her sit on the couch so she had to make due with one of the small chairs we have. And she had to wear a dark and older shirt. LOL I mean, I'm a cool mom, but I still have to do laundry.

Hope your day is as enjoyable as Kira's was!! Couldn't we all use a little extra color in our lives??

oh the fun i had

Yesterday I somehow ended up doing something I hadn't planned on doing. But I am glad I did!! I spent a good portion of the day working on photo collages! I need to order pictures for my Project Life and then realized I hadn't printed any pictures since Christmas!! eeek. That is a ton of pictures. Especially since you have to take into account Alex and his MANY birthday parties!!

I decided I would take the best of all these pictures and create collages with them to save me the time of ordering all those prints and then trying to scrap them. I'll be able to slap the collage on the paper, journal and add some fun embellishments and I'll be good to go!! Many layouts done and memories saved. Of course it took awhile to go through and find just the right pictures to use for each event. But I did it.

Below are a couple of them that I did and liked!! The first is some time we spent with FIL in February. Alex was obsessed with his new game Trouble and insisted everyone play. So much fun.

The second one here is of my bunny. This bunny was bought by my dad on the day I was born. He has lived a good and full life. He has actually spent MANY MANY years hiding away in my childhood closet. Poor thing. One of his ears comes out and he lost an eye sometime back. In fact, I don't ever remember him having two eyes!! He was bright pink with a blue satin ribbon. I know this since I have pictures of him in that state.

Funny side story to this bunny... my dad had bought him for me and brought him to the hospital and left him in a chair in my mom's room. The night nurse hadn't seen him come in and when she went to check on my mom during the night, she about had a heart attack as she thought someone was in the room!! Poor lady.

Anywho... I decided he needed to move on but I couldn't be the one to toss him in the trash. So I let my parents do that dirty deed. I did have the fun of taking some pictures of him before he left the building. The ones of Mr. Bunny at the curb, were taken by my dad as a way of trying to make me feel guilty for deposing of him. I like to think he is going to a better place.

Of course my stuffed animal loving daughter, wanted to adopt him. It was hard but I put my foot down. May you find peace, Mr. Bunny.

I used Picasa 3 to make all my collages. Now that I have the hang of it, it's a simple process and pretty darn fun!

Have a great Monday. Mine is jammed packed today.

Is it Tuesday yet??

16 April 2011

project done!

Okay... it is not pretty. I never claimed it would be but some people (named Alien) insisted on seeing this half wall before the wood was added. She'll be sorry she asked for it, but here it is!

It is in our entry way. The one we use all the time. We had to do some patching from having gates up when Alex was a little one and getting into EVERYTHING!! Yes it has been awhile since that time, but I am nothing but slow sometimes!! At least the holes are patched and the wall has been primed and now is ready to be painted. See some things happen!!

Our couch is on the other side of this wall, which you will see in the next picture.

Ta- da! Hubby brought in his 'toy' and nailed everything down today. Toy = some manly tool that makes a lot of noise and he likes it. LOL Once the wall gets painted, it will look down right neato! The lamp will not be up there, but the table still needs to be inside for a day so that it's dry. Yup, that's the sad little table that has lived it's life naked in my house but now has a new lease on life. The top is a bit stained as it has been around for 5 years with no protection on it. It makes it look loved. At least that's the story I'm sticking to.

Anywho... that's my half wall with the wood all installed. And a clean couch!! Since we were working there, I tore apart the couch and got rid of all the extra cheerios that somehow always land under the cushions. I do it a few times a year yet it always needs it!! Strange how that works.

Yesterday we went out and I brought my camera to show my twin Tania the lillies that she gave to me a few years back! They are coming up nicely. They are the three little spots of green in the rocks. Two on the right and one on the left. They are growing in number every year. I am very excited about them. The wind thing is from MIL's store and has a ladybug on the other side. My planter needs some new plants for this year but it's too darn cold to do anything right now. And I need to de-leaf that area in a big way.

Oh yeah... don't look at the deck and it's partly stained self. That is a project I WILL COMPLETE THIS YEAR!! I've only been working on it since 2008! I get a bit further every year. Never mind that the deck itself is 16X20! or is it 18X20? Either way it's a beast! Next deck I am building will be stained first and then assembled. I am not doing this again!

I've been scrapping a bit today. After the wall and the cleaning. Need to journal and I'll have another couple of pages done!! woohoo... go me!

Have a super weekend!

14 April 2011

no visual tonight

Sorry. I didn't take a picture today. I know shock of shocks!! My picture of the day will be the flier I received when I went to the parent kindergarten orientation tonight. It wouldn't have come out too nice in the dark here so I am waiting until the light of day to take it.

Okay heck... you called my bluff. I am totally lazy today. At least in the picture taking area.

I packaged up all the meat I had bought at the store. Love buying in bulk and freezing it!! Also got the sgetti sauce all set and in the freezer as well. That was a total of 13 dinners that I froze today. Plus finished tackling the laundry baskets. Clothes are now all folded. Do you think they'll find their way to the closet and drawers if I leave them overnight?? I hope so.

Got a second coat of stain on the wood pieces for our half wall. Yes my dear sweet Alien, I will get pictures of my terribly beat up half wall without the wood trim. You'll be sorry but I'll get it tomorrow in the light of day. (along with my POTD) I will also mention that the half wall needs a coat of paint. I am thinking the pretty wood will shame me into doing that project next.

I did manage to get one coat of stain on my side table. It looks so much better stained than just sitting there as an unfinished piece of furniture!! What was I waiting for? Oh yeah...spring 2011. Glad it finally got here so I can get that project off my to do list.

All of this will be a surprise for my wonderful beloved hubby who has spent the past week in St. Louis for work. We have missed him terribly. At least I have. The kids do too... until bedtime when they are camped out in my room. Then they don't want him to come back. Poor daddy.

Tomorrow hubby comes home in the early afternoon. Party time! And we don't have anything planned! Even better. I do have a hair appointment on Saturday but that is in the early morning so I'll have all day to hang with my peeps. ooooh... peeps. Love me some peeps.

Sorry... sugar craze came over me. Probably because I have seen peeps everywhere!! But I have been good and have not let any of them follow me home. They do not need to find their way to my hips. Trust me!! The Cadbury mini eggs are doing that just fine! LMBO

Now that I am rambling and probably lost half of you... I'll sign off for tonight and hope to post a picture or two tomorrow. I will mention there is a layout sitting on my desk being ignored. Poor thing.

Catch you on the flip side.

13 April 2011

happy birthday nana!

Kira had a half day of school today and it is pouring rain. We needed an indoor activity to entertain the troops for a bit. Enter the left over piece of poster board from the book fair and a new package of markers! Time to draw a greeting for Nana!!

The kids did a great job on it. I drew out the sentiment, they did the rest. Such proud artists! I am sure Nana will love it once she sees it. Posted on FB and sent her an email. Have to make sure she gets her wishes!!

Anyways... since it was POURING when I picked up both kids from school, their pants were drenched. And that means... jammie time. Yes it is the middle of the afternoon and they are in the cozy jammies. I'm in my never leave the house mom pants which is almost as comfy as jammies, but we are in serious hibernation mode today.

Looking forward to the sun coming out tomorrow. I hope they are not wrong about it. I have wood to finish staining!! And I need to decide if I should stain the unfinished wood side table. We've had it for about 5 years... guessing it's time! I'll clear it off tonight and drag it out to the garage tomorrow.

Have a great hump day!!

12 April 2011

real quick

I have a few minutes before I have to start dinner and finish putting things away. So here I am to keep you from jumping out of your skin in anticipation of what I have been working on!! LOL I know that's not the truth... so humor me. please??

All of them are based on pagemaps. I love me some pagemaps and use them all the time. I would be lost without them. Anywho, this one is from March 2009 pagemap. We had a saxophone in the garage, I know not your average thing to keep in a garage but there it was. Seriously, the inlaws were cleaning out their basement and it was sent home with us after a visit. I think it is BIL's but it's now ours. Ownership is nine tenths of the law right?? LOL

Anywho... rental of the instruments for band were crazy crazy expensive. Basically we would not be eating at least one week out of the month. Thank goodness we had it. For under $100 we had it cleaned and tuned and got Kira some reeds and she was good to go.

Kira's part of the annual egg hunt in town. Love love love my butterflies! Thank you Alien for turning me onto them. How have I not found these creatures before? I am hoping I don't become too obsessed with them and have a butterfly overload... but for now... I be a happy scrapper!! Also the leaf border punch is dreamy!! I would have loved the butterfly one, but it was out of stock when I had my mad money. I think I'll make due. (pagemap February 2011)

I punched a few eggs with my handy dandy red Sizzix machine. I inked the edges but then decided they needed a bit more so ended up covering most of the inking with stickles!! I like it and I think Alex will forgive me my glittering up his page!! BTW... he had a great time finding eggs!! (pagemap December 2010)

Last year both kids got new bikes. Yeah... Kira's is too small for her then and even more so this year. But she would not be swayed once she saw this puppy bike. Gathering our pennies together to get her a bike she may be able to use for more than one year!!

Easter 2010. Again that lovely border punch!! And a bunch of stuff from my stash. I collect Easter things and have a large supply of stuff for that holiday. It is one of my favorites. I used some left over arrows to point to the eggs that are in the pictures that the kids were walking right past. LOL They are cute. (pagemap September 2009)

That's what I've been doing. Right now I have a clean desk and no idea what I am going to pull out to work on. Strange. We'll both be surprised when I return!!

back again!

I keep getting lost on my way here!! Not sure what is up. But the good news is I may have two posts today since I had some favorite pictures to share and I need to post some layouts I managed to get done!! I know, you are beside yourself with glee!! Contain it for now. LOL

My little guy in the tub with his new bubble blower toy that he got for his birthday. He was having a blast blowing the bubbles everywhere (in the tub, not on the floor!!) It did make bath time fun that night!!

Last nights dinner and dessert. We didn't manage to get to the brownies yet, they didn't cool down enough before bedtime. But the mac and cheese was heavenly!!

This is what I am working on today. I am staining the wood for our half wall in the family room. Yup, the pieces have been cut for a few months and sitting there looking at me. I finally got them back out to the garage and was able to stain all the pieces. I probably won't get another coat on until tomorrow (if it isn't too chilly in the garage) or I'll have to wait till Thursday. But it should be all set for hubby to install this weekend! Go me! I rock!

Tonight Kira has her Dessert and a Show for the chorus and band. It's one of their fundraisers for their field trip in June. I am looking forward to it. Can't go wrong with all those sweets, beautiful voices and lovely musical instruments!!

I'll try to post my layouts in a bit. I need a shower... me stinky.

09 April 2011

sea world layout

Today we spent hanging outside in the glorious spring weather. We've been cooped up too long by old man winter. The kids had the better deal though, they got to play while hubby and I worked on spring cleaning the garage. It is something that needs to be done every spring and even more so since I am trying to organize things out there. I had purchased some totes last summer but never got around to using them. Today we worked on filling them up. After all our remodeling of this house, we have a plumbing tote, an electrical tote and a tiling tote. Still need to get more for the garden stuff, drywall stuff and misc stuff that needs a home (all those anchors and braces and such). It was good to get a start on it. Even managed to get rid of some stuff. Always good.

Anywho... found this layout on my camera. I finished it before the book fair and took a picture and then never got it off the camera!! Silly me. It's from our trip to Sea World in 2008. I still have more pages to do for this album but I am taking a needed break from it for a bit. I felt a lot of pressure to complete it which makes me rush through my layouts and then I'm not happy with them. So to keep from hating this album, I am putting it aside for a bit and working on pictures that are calling to me.

I used a pagemap from August 2009 for this layout. Improvised a bit on it but I like how it came out. And I cannot believe how much the kids have grown since then. I need to figure out how to stop time for a bit. They are growing much too fast!!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Catch you all on the flip side!

07 April 2011

getting there

I am slowly recovering from the book fair and getting out of the constant motion mode. My brain is starting to return to a state of mommy-dom. Which is good. Laundry on the other hand... still out of control! It's been too cold for any naked days around here so there is plenty of laundry to keep my busy. oh the joys!!

The Book Fair almost made our goal dollar wise this year. I think we would have done it if there wasn't a snow day on Friday but I am very pleased with our results. We took 60% of what we raised in profit which we turned into books for the library, each and every student received a free book and the classroom libraries were increased as well. All in all we gave away 830 books!! Amazing number and so happy with it!

Yes I contributed to the successful sales during the book fair. First picture are Kira's newest reading additions. So happy she loves to read. And grateful that the book fair did not have any Warrior books! I would have been broke then. She loves the Warrior series.

Here's Alex's stack! Yup... he made out pretty well too! It was pretty easy this year. I went with dogs for him. He loves to read about dogs and puppies so easy choices! And we needed the third installment of the Library Mouse series as well as Farmer Brown and Duck with Thump, Quack, Moo. The hardest part is not giving into him to read them all every night!! He does try though. If we did that, we'd have to start bedtime around 6pm!! LOL The small stack of Duck books to the right are from Kira. She has generously given them to Alex to enjoy.

oh yeah... in all the fun of book fair, I had a birthday. This year I celebrated the anniversary of my 29th birthday. I think I'll hang out at 29 for a bit. Telling people I was 28 was a bit of a stretch but thinking 29 is good. And look at that, my sweet daughter is giving me bunny ears!! Love her. Just a fun picture before we had my birthday cake!! yummy.

There we are. I needed help for all those candles!! LOL

Off to get some things done. (laundry) And figure out dinner. (laundry) And a nap, I could use a nap. (laundry)

03 April 2011

hop the movie!

Today was a get out of the house family day. We had to leave early as there was a marathon through our town and streets get closed and traffic is backed up so we were outta here! We went to IHOP for breakfast. Yummy. And I didn't have to clean any dishes. That was the best.

Alex had some money from his birthday so he wanted to pick up another DS game and Kira had some money from her excellent report card to spend as well. She got a DS game too. I was a bit bummed though that now the coupons that Toys R Us sends out are no longer valid on video games. Guess that means I can hit Target and Walmart without feeling guilty. Sometimes their prices are better than Toys R Us. oh well.

Then we sat in the van for a bit waiting to go into the theater. Dave and Alex played Angry Birds on his iPhone and Kira read about her new DS game.

We went into the theater and HAD to take a picture before we went in. The kids had received these great shirts from my friend Mary. She had included a pin for each of them and a plastic egg with a temporary tattoo. So adorable!! Kira wore her pin and tattoo. Alex wore his shirt. He'll have it for awhile!! LOL The E.B.'s are from Build A Bear Workshop and they HAD to go to the movies with us.

Hanging out before the movie!!

Finally found this stand up at the far end of the theater. Glad it was found as it was so cool. This is my new wallpaper for my computer!! I love Easter!!

Anywho... it was a fun movie. The kids laughed. I laughed. Hubby laughed. Good time for all. And discovered there will be a new Winnie the Pooh movie coming out sometime this year. So excited for it!! I love Pooh!!

Off to feed the troops. Early evening for everyone. Major off schedule last week and it shows in their tired eyes.

02 April 2011

my beautiful baby is perfect again!

Can I tell you how I simply adore this girl?? She is such a strong individual and has her own security about her. I wish I had had that when I was her age. So proud of her. Anyways... she couldn't see too well in school and had trouble focusing distances after she had been reading for awhile and actually mentioned it to me!!

This is a big deal since I did not do the same thing when I was her age. Nope, I squinted and did everything I could to not tell anyone I needed glasses. I have to remind you that when I was her age, glasses were not cool and were not the fashion statements they are today. They were big and bold and took over your face. It was the age of teasing in school between classmates (which would now be bullying). I was not about to wear glasses if I could see fine with a little squinting and moving my desk closer to the board. Move forward two years in my life and the squinting did not work anymore and I was forced to get glasses. Man I thought my life was over. I was still too young to get contacts so I chose some lovely (at least I thought they were at the time) purple frames. I even had a pair that someone called a creamsicle since they were purple around the ear pieces and faded to a lighter purple almost white in the middle around the nose piece. Yup, I was scarred.

But not my little lady. She was so excited when she was told she would need glasses!! There are many girls in her class and grade that wear glasses and she thinks they are the bomb! I am so happy times have changed and styles as well.

Without further ado... here is my new and improved munchkin!!

This is right after we picked them up. Can you tell she loves them?? They are pink and have bling and flowers. She is in heaven with them. I'll get a better shot soon but had to post this one. Love her!!

I had to share this picture of our milk from yesterday. Snow days call for colored milk and since yesterday was a snow day... colored milk!! Alex wanted orange and Kira wanted turquoise! Oh the fun of colored milk. I even joined in and had a large glass of purple milk. Yummy!

Off to my birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Yummy.

01 April 2011

cruel april fools joke

Yup... it happened at 5am today... the phone call from the superintendent saying no school today due to SNOW! Yes snow on April 1st. No joke. Here's what fell and landed on my parents car since they are visiting this week. Not a whole lot but it was quite heavy when the kids would have been on the buses. Better safe than sorry. Add another day onto our school year.

All this snow means my Book Fair is still going on! I was so hoping to have it done with and ready to be shipped out. Nope. One more day on Monday. But I really did need the extra sleep I got (after answering the phone)

During the Book Fair, the art teacher places artwork from every student in grades 1-5 onto the walls of the school. It is amazing to see so much talent and how proud the students are of their work. On Family Night, she runs a scavenger hunt where you have to find different things/ objects/ color combos ect in the art in the whole school. It gets pretty competitive too! All in good fun.

Here is Kira's artwork that is on the walls. Not too shabby. She loves to draw.

Here is the picture I have been wanting to post but have had no energy to post!! This is the sight that you see when you walk into the library. So many great books all available for purchasing! No wonder the kids go into sensory overload and forget their library voices!

Here is the Fair in the cafeteria/ gym for Family Night. I was standing at the cashier/ check out area. Lots more space to spread it all out and make it pretty! My wonderful fabulous hubby was so helpful that night in keeping the stock levels full and helping people find books and getting it all back into the library while I cashed out the three registers! He is amazing. Not sure what I would do without him (and never want to find out!)

This is from the cafeteria door entrance. The front table was all the books that were in the flier that was sent home with the students. Makes it easy when the parents come in and say... it was in the flier!! The second table back is the teacher baskets full of books the teachers would love to have in their classrooms. We emptied a few of them on Wednesday! So happy when the parents come in and want to help the teachers and the classrooms. Love it!

Today we have been pretty lazy. At least I have. I have finished folding laundry that has sat since I have been so tired at night. And almost found my floor in my office. I am hoping to actual sit and scrap.

Off to put in some Pirates of the Carribean. Think I'll start with one and work my way through. It seems like a Johnny kind of day. Hoping the rum isn't always gone in your neck of the woods!