18 April 2011

oh the fun i had

Yesterday I somehow ended up doing something I hadn't planned on doing. But I am glad I did!! I spent a good portion of the day working on photo collages! I need to order pictures for my Project Life and then realized I hadn't printed any pictures since Christmas!! eeek. That is a ton of pictures. Especially since you have to take into account Alex and his MANY birthday parties!!

I decided I would take the best of all these pictures and create collages with them to save me the time of ordering all those prints and then trying to scrap them. I'll be able to slap the collage on the paper, journal and add some fun embellishments and I'll be good to go!! Many layouts done and memories saved. Of course it took awhile to go through and find just the right pictures to use for each event. But I did it.

Below are a couple of them that I did and liked!! The first is some time we spent with FIL in February. Alex was obsessed with his new game Trouble and insisted everyone play. So much fun.

The second one here is of my bunny. This bunny was bought by my dad on the day I was born. He has lived a good and full life. He has actually spent MANY MANY years hiding away in my childhood closet. Poor thing. One of his ears comes out and he lost an eye sometime back. In fact, I don't ever remember him having two eyes!! He was bright pink with a blue satin ribbon. I know this since I have pictures of him in that state.

Funny side story to this bunny... my dad had bought him for me and brought him to the hospital and left him in a chair in my mom's room. The night nurse hadn't seen him come in and when she went to check on my mom during the night, she about had a heart attack as she thought someone was in the room!! Poor lady.

Anywho... I decided he needed to move on but I couldn't be the one to toss him in the trash. So I let my parents do that dirty deed. I did have the fun of taking some pictures of him before he left the building. The ones of Mr. Bunny at the curb, were taken by my dad as a way of trying to make me feel guilty for deposing of him. I like to think he is going to a better place.

Of course my stuffed animal loving daughter, wanted to adopt him. It was hard but I put my foot down. May you find peace, Mr. Bunny.

I used Picasa 3 to make all my collages. Now that I have the hang of it, it's a simple process and pretty darn fun!

Have a great Monday. Mine is jammed packed today.

Is it Tuesday yet??

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  1. I would like to apologize for not getting in here yesterday to appreciate your collages, they’re absolutely wonderful!!! Such a brilliant idea, considering that we scrappers – and we ALL know this – take a gazillion photos of one event and have a difficult time deciding which ones tell the story appropriately.
    And jeepers, that bunny is wonderful!!! And I completely understand getting rid of it lately, the thing has been 29 years old for a while, right??? =)
    The only funny thing about my birth was although he apparently knew he was on call, he had been out scoopin da poopin on his ranch. When he got called that egg donor was in labor, he scrubbed in but forgot to take off his poop-covered boots. Could you imagine?? The nurses must have flipped!! But that does go a ways to explaining why I think bodily functions are funny and I don’t mind poop vernacular!

    Oh hey, how is it that FIL still has hair, but something happened to Dave's? =)