18 April 2011

i am the coolest mom...EVER!!

I don't get to brag like that much so when I can... I'm shouting it from the rooftops!!

This week is Spirit Week at Kira's school. Always a fun filled week of craziness right before Spring Break. Today's theme was Wacky Hair day. Last year Kira wanted her hair pink. Of course she asks the morning of. ummm... sorry, out of pink dye this morning hon. LOL So I told her that at Halloween I would pick up some of the spray in hair color for her for this coming year. I think she thought I would forget to do it. Well HA! I remembered. I picked up purple, green and pink and tucked them away for this very day.

To say she was excited, would be a major understatement. I have never seen her move so fast in the morning! We pulled it back from her face so that she wouldn't have to keep touching it all day. I'm not sure how secure it will be on her hair and I didn't need her to come home with colored hands!! This is the green side (just for you Alien!!)

This is the top and back. Not sure why the picture got turned. It was the right way on the computer!! But you get the idea. Green and purple on the sides and pink in the back. And VERY SPARKLY!! Of course I ended up buying the hair color with glitter in it!!

Here's the purple side.

And here is my very happy little lady!! I wouldn't let her sit on the couch so she had to make due with one of the small chairs we have. And she had to wear a dark and older shirt. LOL I mean, I'm a cool mom, but I still have to do laundry.

Hope your day is as enjoyable as Kira's was!! Couldn't we all use a little extra color in our lives??


  1. Aww...you ARE a cool mom! So fun!!

  2. Very fun!!! Bet she had a great day!

  3. Whoa whoa whoa! Not only were you prepared, but you were totally prepared and made one little girl extremely happy! That green, my friend, is absolutely stupendous!! Do you think MY parents would have ever even considered something like this, let alone gone through with it?? And what’s the problem? It’s hair, which grows back if something goes completely awry, and isn’t it worth making a kid that pleased? You are such an awesome mom, many of us should be taking our cues from you!!!

  4. You ARE a cool mom Terri! Kira looks great and SOOO happy :)