16 April 2011

project done!

Okay... it is not pretty. I never claimed it would be but some people (named Alien) insisted on seeing this half wall before the wood was added. She'll be sorry she asked for it, but here it is!

It is in our entry way. The one we use all the time. We had to do some patching from having gates up when Alex was a little one and getting into EVERYTHING!! Yes it has been awhile since that time, but I am nothing but slow sometimes!! At least the holes are patched and the wall has been primed and now is ready to be painted. See some things happen!!

Our couch is on the other side of this wall, which you will see in the next picture.

Ta- da! Hubby brought in his 'toy' and nailed everything down today. Toy = some manly tool that makes a lot of noise and he likes it. LOL Once the wall gets painted, it will look down right neato! The lamp will not be up there, but the table still needs to be inside for a day so that it's dry. Yup, that's the sad little table that has lived it's life naked in my house but now has a new lease on life. The top is a bit stained as it has been around for 5 years with no protection on it. It makes it look loved. At least that's the story I'm sticking to.

Anywho... that's my half wall with the wood all installed. And a clean couch!! Since we were working there, I tore apart the couch and got rid of all the extra cheerios that somehow always land under the cushions. I do it a few times a year yet it always needs it!! Strange how that works.

Yesterday we went out and I brought my camera to show my twin Tania the lillies that she gave to me a few years back! They are coming up nicely. They are the three little spots of green in the rocks. Two on the right and one on the left. They are growing in number every year. I am very excited about them. The wind thing is from MIL's store and has a ladybug on the other side. My planter needs some new plants for this year but it's too darn cold to do anything right now. And I need to de-leaf that area in a big way.

Oh yeah... don't look at the deck and it's partly stained self. That is a project I WILL COMPLETE THIS YEAR!! I've only been working on it since 2008! I get a bit further every year. Never mind that the deck itself is 16X20! or is it 18X20? Either way it's a beast! Next deck I am building will be stained first and then assembled. I am not doing this again!

I've been scrapping a bit today. After the wall and the cleaning. Need to journal and I'll have another couple of pages done!! woohoo... go me!

Have a super weekend!

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  1. Can't wait to see your pages!! That wall will look simply stunning! And I can't believe how perfectly that part of the sectional fits, holy moly!! I am so sorry about the chore that deck has been and still is. I've had those. And you're right, stained before install!! I'm glad Dave's home; my family couldn't stand it when I'd travel out to Rockville for work, and then of course we had to live a gazillion miles from the airport!