14 April 2011

no visual tonight

Sorry. I didn't take a picture today. I know shock of shocks!! My picture of the day will be the flier I received when I went to the parent kindergarten orientation tonight. It wouldn't have come out too nice in the dark here so I am waiting until the light of day to take it.

Okay heck... you called my bluff. I am totally lazy today. At least in the picture taking area.

I packaged up all the meat I had bought at the store. Love buying in bulk and freezing it!! Also got the sgetti sauce all set and in the freezer as well. That was a total of 13 dinners that I froze today. Plus finished tackling the laundry baskets. Clothes are now all folded. Do you think they'll find their way to the closet and drawers if I leave them overnight?? I hope so.

Got a second coat of stain on the wood pieces for our half wall. Yes my dear sweet Alien, I will get pictures of my terribly beat up half wall without the wood trim. You'll be sorry but I'll get it tomorrow in the light of day. (along with my POTD) I will also mention that the half wall needs a coat of paint. I am thinking the pretty wood will shame me into doing that project next.

I did manage to get one coat of stain on my side table. It looks so much better stained than just sitting there as an unfinished piece of furniture!! What was I waiting for? Oh yeah...spring 2011. Glad it finally got here so I can get that project off my to do list.

All of this will be a surprise for my wonderful beloved hubby who has spent the past week in St. Louis for work. We have missed him terribly. At least I have. The kids do too... until bedtime when they are camped out in my room. Then they don't want him to come back. Poor daddy.

Tomorrow hubby comes home in the early afternoon. Party time! And we don't have anything planned! Even better. I do have a hair appointment on Saturday but that is in the early morning so I'll have all day to hang with my peeps. ooooh... peeps. Love me some peeps.

Sorry... sugar craze came over me. Probably because I have seen peeps everywhere!! But I have been good and have not let any of them follow me home. They do not need to find their way to my hips. Trust me!! The Cadbury mini eggs are doing that just fine! LMBO

Now that I am rambling and probably lost half of you... I'll sign off for tonight and hope to post a picture or two tomorrow. I will mention there is a layout sitting on my desk being ignored. Poor thing.

Catch you on the flip side.

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  1. A no-picture post, I have those too LOL

    Man, I HAVE to ask, what the heck does Dave DO for B-A-B first off, and then what about that makes him have to travel? And then why to St. Louis of all places, there are only 3 stores there ya know!!??!! hehehe I'm just curious, I think I'm in the wrong line of work.