03 April 2011

hop the movie!

Today was a get out of the house family day. We had to leave early as there was a marathon through our town and streets get closed and traffic is backed up so we were outta here! We went to IHOP for breakfast. Yummy. And I didn't have to clean any dishes. That was the best.

Alex had some money from his birthday so he wanted to pick up another DS game and Kira had some money from her excellent report card to spend as well. She got a DS game too. I was a bit bummed though that now the coupons that Toys R Us sends out are no longer valid on video games. Guess that means I can hit Target and Walmart without feeling guilty. Sometimes their prices are better than Toys R Us. oh well.

Then we sat in the van for a bit waiting to go into the theater. Dave and Alex played Angry Birds on his iPhone and Kira read about her new DS game.

We went into the theater and HAD to take a picture before we went in. The kids had received these great shirts from my friend Mary. She had included a pin for each of them and a plastic egg with a temporary tattoo. So adorable!! Kira wore her pin and tattoo. Alex wore his shirt. He'll have it for awhile!! LOL The E.B.'s are from Build A Bear Workshop and they HAD to go to the movies with us.

Hanging out before the movie!!

Finally found this stand up at the far end of the theater. Glad it was found as it was so cool. This is my new wallpaper for my computer!! I love Easter!!

Anywho... it was a fun movie. The kids laughed. I laughed. Hubby laughed. Good time for all. And discovered there will be a new Winnie the Pooh movie coming out sometime this year. So excited for it!! I love Pooh!!

Off to feed the troops. Early evening for everyone. Major off schedule last week and it shows in their tired eyes.


  1. OK, those pics are absolutely wonderful!! They smile in every picture, I just love that! SOOOO cool that you found that standup, big time worth it!! Stinkin love Angry Birds too! The Christmas/Halloween version is a righteous time! I LOVE POOH TOO!!! Wish we could go to that together!!

  2. I am so glad I have a grandson to take to this movie. I so want to see it, hope he does too. LOL. These are great photos, looks like a fun da you all had.....~Cherrie~