12 April 2011

back again!

I keep getting lost on my way here!! Not sure what is up. But the good news is I may have two posts today since I had some favorite pictures to share and I need to post some layouts I managed to get done!! I know, you are beside yourself with glee!! Contain it for now. LOL

My little guy in the tub with his new bubble blower toy that he got for his birthday. He was having a blast blowing the bubbles everywhere (in the tub, not on the floor!!) It did make bath time fun that night!!

Last nights dinner and dessert. We didn't manage to get to the brownies yet, they didn't cool down enough before bedtime. But the mac and cheese was heavenly!!

This is what I am working on today. I am staining the wood for our half wall in the family room. Yup, the pieces have been cut for a few months and sitting there looking at me. I finally got them back out to the garage and was able to stain all the pieces. I probably won't get another coat on until tomorrow (if it isn't too chilly in the garage) or I'll have to wait till Thursday. But it should be all set for hubby to install this weekend! Go me! I rock!

Tonight Kira has her Dessert and a Show for the chorus and band. It's one of their fundraisers for their field trip in June. I am looking forward to it. Can't go wrong with all those sweets, beautiful voices and lovely musical instruments!!

I'll try to post my layouts in a bit. I need a shower... me stinky.


  1. OMG, you should NOT be allowed to post something funny WHEN I'M READING IT AT WORK!! hehehehe Holy crap, that "me stinky" thing, I had to stop laughing so I can type this!!!! And honey, you DO rocketh!! And although my kids are older than Alex, bathtime can be boring without toys, that toy would be so cool! I'm always on the lookout for stuff to do in the tub. I thought that the Santa-supplied goggles with battery-powered halogen bulbs on them would be a bit hit, but...

    Can you post {you're thinking my gawd, lady, you're ALWAYS asking for me to post something MORE} pics of the half-wall before? Hubby is a woodworker, and I used to own my own woodworking business {previous life}, so I'm pretty excited to see how it all turns out in your family room!

  2. BTW, I just have to tell you that one HUGE benefit of eating fruits and veggies and no sweets is I have not had ONE tummy ache in almost two weeks. Usually something crappy that I ate was giving me gastrointestinal troubles, I'm serious, I almost had myself programmed to just put up with the tummy aches {processed foods, fried foods, Sonic oh how I miss my Route 44 vanilla cokes!!}, but I haven't had even 1. The ancillary benefit of that? Well, it's allowed me to completely isolate the cramping {from the disease, but also from the cysts and fibroids that they found} so that I can describe it better and treat it {as much as I can} effectively. And can I just tell you that Braeden would be the FIRST in line for some of that mac and cheese???!!!! It's the only thing the gparents feed him when he's there because we don't make it for him but he looooooves it! Yours looks absolutely, positively delicioso!!

  3. You won't even believe this, but those two paragraphs were in ONE comment, but do you think ultimate POS blogger would allow them?????? Oh noooooooooooooooooooooo, gave me 20 minutes of problems. To the people who call themselves blogger developers: You stink.