30 August 2011

first day of school for kira

All ready to go! Fifth grade here she comes.

Got her laughing. Love that smile.

Loving her new messenger bag instead of a backpack this year. Very grown up. Where did my baby girl go??

Feeling a little weepy today. Where is my baby who I dropped off at kindergarten all those years ago?? Seriously. How did this 10 year get into my house? And we are NOT talking about dropping Alex off tomorrow. Nope... not gonna do it.

28 August 2011

we were set

We did all the prep work in anticipation of Hurricane/ Tropical Storm Irene and then she moved further west than they thought. We ended up with some rain (not as much as we could have received) and some wind (again not as much as could have been). Believe me I am not complaining in the least. Instead I am quite giddy that we squeaked by. I know it could have been much worse and am praying for everyone who suffered losses.

With all the branches down and power outages in the area, the first day of school has been cancelled until Tuesday! Seriously??! Kira was happy about it. Alex was quite sad. He really wants to go to school. Tuesday it shall be.

I'll have to post some pictures of the wind and such. Hoping they come out. Now I am off to get the kiddos to bed. Need to get them adjusted to going to bed at a decent hour!

Keep safe and good riddance to you Irene!!

22 August 2011

does it have to end??

It's getting closer. Every second that ticks off... Every minute. I can feel it getting closer and closer.


Yup... it's getting here. This week we have Band and Chorus Camp for Kira in the mornings. Works out well since then I can do some PTA things and spend some time at the playground with the little man in my life.

That also means I am setting my alarm clock once again. eeeek... not that! Yes! No longer will I be the lady of leisure sleeping in until I decide to open my eyes. My poor eyes will be opening way before I want them to in order to get the kiddos ready for their busy days. I see some naps during the first week back until I am back in the habit of no sleep.

Glorious day today. Got the PTA back to school paperwork all copied and into the teachers mailboxes this morning. Kids got to spend some time on the playground which is always a good thing. I need to do a couple more little things for the Pot Luck this Thursday at the school. Then maybe I can do some scrapping. Who knows.

Have a good one and I hope your alarm clock didn't wake you up too early this morning!! ;)

18 August 2011

new friends

Yup... it was that time of year again. Build a Bear Workshop was having their sale... get an animal, outfit and shoes for $29.99! So off we went. Alex loves his new dalmatian Lucky! And he is dressed in the latest of Cars fashion jammies and slippers. So cute.

Kira got this tie dye cat named Fuchsia. Adorable!! What you can't see in the picture are the boots this little kitty cat is sporting. They are heels!! So funny.

Mommy got a bear too and dressed him in an orange hoodie, jeans and some "flame" sneaks. Nope no picture. Those are the drawbacks of mommy taking all the pictures. oh BTW... his name is Edgar Cinco!

Story time... hubby got me a bear at Disney (not sure while we were on vacation or at the store- can't remember I have had him awhile) and his name is Edgar. Kira was going through a time of bad dreams so I would loan her Edgar. Suddenly, mommy didn't have her Edgar anymore and didn't like that. Daddy made her Edgar Two which Kira quickly snagged... and squashed his tummy into nothingness. Poor thing needs to be restuffed one day at BABW.

For Christmas either last year or the year before, daddy got Kira and I matching Edgar bears (Edgar Three and Edgar Four) Recently Alex has been having bad dreams so Kira loaned him Edgar Two. Now he doesn't want to part with it. Sigh... hence the need to pick up Edgar Cinco.

Pathetic story but that's all I got today. Laundry is kicking my butt. I finally hung up all the enlargements I ordered. It's a tad warm today and I want to just hop back into bed and sleep. Hopefully more pictures to come. I did manage to create a donation pail for the PTA. I think it looks good. We'll see.

15 August 2011

project life 2011- weeks 24, 27, 29 and 30

This is the post that is messed up a bit with the missing pictures on three weeks. Soon as those pictures get printed, I'll be good to go on posting them. The journaling blocks are done, waiting on pictures.

Week 24- Kira's friends party at Chuck E Cheese, silly kids, Alex's car seat that he got sick all over, DADDY HOME!! and a haircut for my little man.

Week 27- My Maine lilies from my twin Tania. New ceiling fan since our other one fried (lucky there wasn't a fire) My new bread machine as I over-used our old one. Grandma Clark's desk in Kira's clean room and new ice cream bowls for the kids. Can't go wrong with M&M bowls for a buck (or maybe it was $2) at Walmart. They are so cute!!

Week 29- Me visiting my twin Tania. Had the best time EVER!! Hanging out with the kids at Nana and Papa's. Visiting my forever bestie and her girls.

Week 30- Seeing the Pooh movie, photo shoot with the kiddos, my rose of sharon in the back yard. Needs a trim this year. Price of gas for me with my Stop and Shop gas rewards savings!! So happy!! Truck from my twin's neck of the woods and the farm stand where we get our corn.

So happy I am doing this project as I love looking back at all the silly pictures and how this year is going. Glad the family goes along with all the pictures I need to take to keep this current.

project life 2011- weeks 20-23

Trying not to make the blog posts super photo heavy so instead I'll post three posts today!! That should catch me up with things. LOL

Week 20- Alex is once again wearing mis matched socks on purpose!! So cute. Saturday was a day of shopping ALONE for me. Got through 3 stores without one single complaint!!

Week 21- So much to do and no time to do it!! We have bought our paint to do the garage and the house. Hope it's enough. And yes we know they sell the paint in the 15 gallon tubs but the Home Depot we went to, was out of the proper tint we needed so they sold us 15 gallon cans instead. Turns out it was much easier to use these than worry about lifting a 15 gallon tub up a ladder!!

Week 22- Working on the house time. Must be spring finally!!

Week 23- Kira's birthday this week. Daddy got a new car and Alex graduated from preschool. Good week for the Foltz Family!!

project life 2011- weeks 16-19

Got my photo order from Winkflash and got my Project Life pretty much up to date. There are three weeks that are missing one picture each. Those pictures were on other peoples cameras and I didn't have them when I place my photo order. Those weeks will have to wait to be posted!!

Week 16- Spirit week for Kira and a rainy Easter Egg Hunt for us this week.

Week 17- Easter Sunday and then CKC weekend with Jackie!! That is some sticker shock over the price of gas on Tuesday!! Certainly not driving the car until it is empty anymore!!

Week 18- Kira will learn someday not to take silly pictures as more often than not, they end up in a scrapbook!!

Week 19- Mother's Day and the PTA's Spring Auction. Good week. Especially Monday night's drink with dinner... yummy.

12 August 2011


Yup, that would be me lately. Haven't had the energy or desire to do much around the house. Guess that explains the running around I have been doing the past couple days trying to get things in order before my parents get here. Guess I got tired of putting everything away that I didn't get out.

Okay... whine time over (wine time later!!)

Last weekend we went to Syracuse to celebrate my BIL's marriage. The party was held at Stafford Park in Lafayette, NY. Wasn't too bad a place and the kids did enjoy the playground that was there. Especially this cool contraption. The two of them together couldn't get it spinning the 360* it could go. But Kira did manage to spin Alex. Daddy had to do Kira as Alex was a bit too small to help her out.

They spent a fair amount of time on this. I got a bunch of fun pictures. The two that follow are my favorites. Love Alex's face in the first one. So silly but so typical of him.

This one I love the movement to it.

Then the clouds came in and it started raining. That's when the kiddos got totally bored and restless. And we had been there 4 hours and it didn't look like the cutting of the cake was anytime soon. We took off and picked up some cupcakes at Wegmans. drool drool drool They have changed their frosting. Guess it has less fat or something like that. Don't care... they were pretty darn good. No complaints from the kids.

Good visit for us. This week the parental units are coming to our place. They are going to the New Hampshire speedway for the Indy cars. Okay... it may not be the Indy cars per say since I have no idea which branch is going to be there... but it is that style of car they are going to see. Crossing fingers for them that the rain holds off until evening on Sunday.

Off to finish up the house. Have to run a few things out to the garage. Then I think a shower is in order for this mommy.

04 August 2011

photo shoot 7.27.11 (photo heavy!)

Okay... the following are the pictures I chose to have enlarged to replace the older ones in the house. I try to get the kids pictures taken around their birthdays every year but with the aforementioned dislike of the Picture People I have put off doing it this year. So I got the kids dressed and off around town we went.

We went to Prescott Park down by the Lamprey River, to the park across the street from the post office and to the library. All great spots to take pictures. There are more around town but that day it was starting to get a bit hot to be out and about.

Love this picture of Kira. It is being enlarged to 10X13. So sweet!! And check out all those freckles! The girl has been growing quite a crop of them this summer.

I totally love this one. Hubby not so much. It will be in my office so I can enjoy it.

She has wanted to have her picture taken this year holding up how old she is since last year when she did it. I think it worked out pretty darn well. She was happy with it.

A little rain and umbrella and I think she's set to sing in the rain!! Such a ham!!

Simply stunning picture of my girl. I can't believe how much she has grown and is turning into quite a lovely young lady.

My sweet little man. This one will be a 10X13 next to Kira's on the same wall. It's gonna look amazing!!

Peek a Alex!! He does these things all by himself. So happy they are amazing at posing on their own. Makes it easy on this photographer!

If you saw the photo shoot from yesterday you can see why the kids thought it was neat that the tide was out.

Love this picture!! So him and totally going on the wall!!

You can see in his eyes he's up to something. Love that look!

Adore this one of the two of them. Plus I managed to get our street name in the picture!! Love it!

At the library. I was standing over them and ended up turning this picture all the way around to get it like this. So cute!

Okay.... how can I not get this picture enlarged?? It just shows how much he simply adores his big sister. And her hand on his back... so protective. Love it!

I like this one! So adorable.

Love my kiddos. Those smiles melt my heart.

My wish for them is to remain as close as they are right now. They truly love each other and will protect each other no matter what. I hope they will always remember that as they grow up.

Needless to say my Winkflash order is full of enlargements. I also printed up 77 4X6's so that I could get my Project Life album filled in through July. Happy to say I spent only $34 on all the enlargements and the prints. I have never left Picture People that cheaply. That is even less than their Portrait Club membership! The best part (besides saving a boatload of money) is the satisfaction I have of doing it myself.

Love my kids!

photo shoot 8.3.11

I took Kira out yesterday in her daddy daughter dance dress for some pictures. I had been putting it off and putting it off since Picture People's quality has slipped a ton and I hate to give my money to places without receiving great service/ product. In fact I had put it off so long (the dance was in February) that Kira had outgrown her shoes!! We had to pick up a new pair at Target. They were perfect and had Hello Kitty on them.

Took me a bit of time to narrow down which ones I wanted then mom got to pick hers as well. Figured I'd order all the enlargements at once to save time and shipping. Love Winkflash for enlargements. They do a great job. Also good for 4X6's too!

This first shot is the one my mom picked out for her own collection.

Alex also wanted his picture taken. Don't want him to feel left out so he got in on the action. The following two pictures of him are ones I had enlarged. We need to change out a bunch of pictures around here. The kids are growing up!!

The tide was out yesterday when we went to the park by the Lamprey River which both kids thought was pretty neat. Love taking pictures down at Prescott Park.

Here he is in his usual state of movement! We were down at the library. I love the bricks and the granite on this building and in the morning the sun is shining but not into the kids eyes making them squint.

More of Kira in her dress. This one I edited into a landscape 8X10 for enlargement.

This one just rocks!! Such a pretty little lady. The dress is a bit shorter than when Nana made it. The girl has grown an inch since June!!

The true test of any dress for Kira is the spin factor. Always has and probably always will be. This one passed with flying colors!! Can you see those blinged out shoes? They are covered with bling and match the dress perfectly!! And yes... have Hello Kitty on them near the strap. PERFECT!!

Here is my ham. She loves holding the dress out like that. She did the bow all by herself. So happy she is so willing to have her picture taken and since we have been going to Picture People since before she was born (I have the pictures to prove it) she knows exactly how to pose and look and such. It was not easy coming up with just a few pictures to have enlarged. Of course I'll have more printed to scrap... but for now they will be on display.

Off to post the pictures I picked out from the birthday and kids together photo shoot last week.