28 August 2011

we were set

We did all the prep work in anticipation of Hurricane/ Tropical Storm Irene and then she moved further west than they thought. We ended up with some rain (not as much as we could have received) and some wind (again not as much as could have been). Believe me I am not complaining in the least. Instead I am quite giddy that we squeaked by. I know it could have been much worse and am praying for everyone who suffered losses.

With all the branches down and power outages in the area, the first day of school has been cancelled until Tuesday! Seriously??! Kira was happy about it. Alex was quite sad. He really wants to go to school. Tuesday it shall be.

I'll have to post some pictures of the wind and such. Hoping they come out. Now I am off to get the kiddos to bed. Need to get them adjusted to going to bed at a decent hour!

Keep safe and good riddance to you Irene!!

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