04 August 2011

photo shoot 7.27.11 (photo heavy!)

Okay... the following are the pictures I chose to have enlarged to replace the older ones in the house. I try to get the kids pictures taken around their birthdays every year but with the aforementioned dislike of the Picture People I have put off doing it this year. So I got the kids dressed and off around town we went.

We went to Prescott Park down by the Lamprey River, to the park across the street from the post office and to the library. All great spots to take pictures. There are more around town but that day it was starting to get a bit hot to be out and about.

Love this picture of Kira. It is being enlarged to 10X13. So sweet!! And check out all those freckles! The girl has been growing quite a crop of them this summer.

I totally love this one. Hubby not so much. It will be in my office so I can enjoy it.

She has wanted to have her picture taken this year holding up how old she is since last year when she did it. I think it worked out pretty darn well. She was happy with it.

A little rain and umbrella and I think she's set to sing in the rain!! Such a ham!!

Simply stunning picture of my girl. I can't believe how much she has grown and is turning into quite a lovely young lady.

My sweet little man. This one will be a 10X13 next to Kira's on the same wall. It's gonna look amazing!!

Peek a Alex!! He does these things all by himself. So happy they are amazing at posing on their own. Makes it easy on this photographer!

If you saw the photo shoot from yesterday you can see why the kids thought it was neat that the tide was out.

Love this picture!! So him and totally going on the wall!!

You can see in his eyes he's up to something. Love that look!

Adore this one of the two of them. Plus I managed to get our street name in the picture!! Love it!

At the library. I was standing over them and ended up turning this picture all the way around to get it like this. So cute!

Okay.... how can I not get this picture enlarged?? It just shows how much he simply adores his big sister. And her hand on his back... so protective. Love it!

I like this one! So adorable.

Love my kiddos. Those smiles melt my heart.

My wish for them is to remain as close as they are right now. They truly love each other and will protect each other no matter what. I hope they will always remember that as they grow up.

Needless to say my Winkflash order is full of enlargements. I also printed up 77 4X6's so that I could get my Project Life album filled in through July. Happy to say I spent only $34 on all the enlargements and the prints. I have never left Picture People that cheaply. That is even less than their Portrait Club membership! The best part (besides saving a boatload of money) is the satisfaction I have of doing it myself.

Love my kids!

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  1. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...LOOVVVEEEE this photo shoot!!!