15 August 2011

project life 2011- weeks 16-19

Got my photo order from Winkflash and got my Project Life pretty much up to date. There are three weeks that are missing one picture each. Those pictures were on other peoples cameras and I didn't have them when I place my photo order. Those weeks will have to wait to be posted!!

Week 16- Spirit week for Kira and a rainy Easter Egg Hunt for us this week.

Week 17- Easter Sunday and then CKC weekend with Jackie!! That is some sticker shock over the price of gas on Tuesday!! Certainly not driving the car until it is empty anymore!!

Week 18- Kira will learn someday not to take silly pictures as more often than not, they end up in a scrapbook!!

Week 19- Mother's Day and the PTA's Spring Auction. Good week. Especially Monday night's drink with dinner... yummy.

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