15 August 2011

project life 2011- weeks 24, 27, 29 and 30

This is the post that is messed up a bit with the missing pictures on three weeks. Soon as those pictures get printed, I'll be good to go on posting them. The journaling blocks are done, waiting on pictures.

Week 24- Kira's friends party at Chuck E Cheese, silly kids, Alex's car seat that he got sick all over, DADDY HOME!! and a haircut for my little man.

Week 27- My Maine lilies from my twin Tania. New ceiling fan since our other one fried (lucky there wasn't a fire) My new bread machine as I over-used our old one. Grandma Clark's desk in Kira's clean room and new ice cream bowls for the kids. Can't go wrong with M&M bowls for a buck (or maybe it was $2) at Walmart. They are so cute!!

Week 29- Me visiting my twin Tania. Had the best time EVER!! Hanging out with the kids at Nana and Papa's. Visiting my forever bestie and her girls.

Week 30- Seeing the Pooh movie, photo shoot with the kiddos, my rose of sharon in the back yard. Needs a trim this year. Price of gas for me with my Stop and Shop gas rewards savings!! So happy!! Truck from my twin's neck of the woods and the farm stand where we get our corn.

So happy I am doing this project as I love looking back at all the silly pictures and how this year is going. Glad the family goes along with all the pictures I need to take to keep this current.

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