04 August 2011

photo shoot 8.3.11

I took Kira out yesterday in her daddy daughter dance dress for some pictures. I had been putting it off and putting it off since Picture People's quality has slipped a ton and I hate to give my money to places without receiving great service/ product. In fact I had put it off so long (the dance was in February) that Kira had outgrown her shoes!! We had to pick up a new pair at Target. They were perfect and had Hello Kitty on them.

Took me a bit of time to narrow down which ones I wanted then mom got to pick hers as well. Figured I'd order all the enlargements at once to save time and shipping. Love Winkflash for enlargements. They do a great job. Also good for 4X6's too!

This first shot is the one my mom picked out for her own collection.

Alex also wanted his picture taken. Don't want him to feel left out so he got in on the action. The following two pictures of him are ones I had enlarged. We need to change out a bunch of pictures around here. The kids are growing up!!

The tide was out yesterday when we went to the park by the Lamprey River which both kids thought was pretty neat. Love taking pictures down at Prescott Park.

Here he is in his usual state of movement! We were down at the library. I love the bricks and the granite on this building and in the morning the sun is shining but not into the kids eyes making them squint.

More of Kira in her dress. This one I edited into a landscape 8X10 for enlargement.

This one just rocks!! Such a pretty little lady. The dress is a bit shorter than when Nana made it. The girl has grown an inch since June!!

The true test of any dress for Kira is the spin factor. Always has and probably always will be. This one passed with flying colors!! Can you see those blinged out shoes? They are covered with bling and match the dress perfectly!! And yes... have Hello Kitty on them near the strap. PERFECT!!

Here is my ham. She loves holding the dress out like that. She did the bow all by herself. So happy she is so willing to have her picture taken and since we have been going to Picture People since before she was born (I have the pictures to prove it) she knows exactly how to pose and look and such. It was not easy coming up with just a few pictures to have enlarged. Of course I'll have more printed to scrap... but for now they will be on display.

Off to post the pictures I picked out from the birthday and kids together photo shoot last week.

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