31 July 2011

spirit week 2011

Yes I have been scrapping. It has been a slow process with the kiddos here. But that's okay. To help me move along, I printed a boatload of collages in 8X10 size so I can quickly scrap a bunch of events and won't feel so overwhelmed. Plus it was fun making the collages!! I used Picasa 3 to create them. It's a free program, and I like free. Plus the learning curve is pretty simple which makes it perfect for me!!

Anywho... here are the pictures of Kira during the schools Spirit Week this April. I messed up and forgot to print the pictures that I had put the information on and instead did the blank pictures so I used some stickers to tell the story of that week. I used pawprints since the schools mascot is the Jaguar and the colors are blue and white. Worked well. The printing on the journaling strips is Kira's printing. I had found a site that did a free create your own font and we did hers. Love it. It's from over a year ago... but it still works.

And here is today's picture of the day. This lamp is/was mine when I was living at home. My mom painted it and entered it in a competition and won a blue ribbon for it. When I left home, she wouldn't let me take it out of the house. I know... not very nice of her. Fast forward to this summer when Kira is staying with my parents. Suddenly the lamp can leave the house WITH KIRA!!! I mean really?? I was in my 20's and I couldn't take it with me but heck why not give it to a 10 year old. hmph.

Anywho... it is now Kira's. I have already told her she cannot take it out of the house when she moves out. Seems fair to me. She just laughed at me. It looks great on her desk. It is in the same spot as when I had it on that very same desk. Good things bear repeating.

Check out the amazing clock that Kira made at the Corning Glass Factory while she was on vacation with Nana and Papa. I love the fish. You cannot see it but at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 positions, she has actually used bits of glass to write out the numbers on those squares. So neat!! Maybe I'll tell her that can't leave the house when she moves out either!! ;)

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