01 July 2011

project life 2011- first three weeks

I have been doing my Project Life for 2011 and took pictures of the first 15 weeks that I have completed. Then they sat in my computer for a bit. Now they are edited and ready for display. I'll do a few at a time since I am a bit busy to actually scrap.

I am doing Project Life as a Picture a Day with journaling. I love that this kit can be used in so many different ways. Click the Project Life banner on my blog and you can read all about it. I am thinking of maybe scanning and taking pictures of all the kids art to create a couple of digital books for them using the Project Life templates. We'll see how that works for me.

Anywho... this is Week 1 of our 2011 album.

Week 2.... yup, we had A LOT of snow this year. Many snow days were recorded.

Week 3... Alex had a bruise between his eyes. He did battle with a wall at preschool and lost. I love his sad little face he put on for me to take the picture. He smiled so big right after.

Promise to post more. I love using this as a way to record some of the small things I may not actually scrapbook and would definitely forget over the years. How else could I remember their lunch boxes this year? Or that I am totally in love with my label maker from my parents??

Seriously... how did I live without one for so long?

See you around the bend!

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