10 July 2011

project life 2011- weeks 11-15

Next group to share. Then I'll have to get back to taking pictures of them and posting. I'll add it to my list of things to do!

Week 11-

Week 12-

Week 13-

Week 14-

Week 15-

So happy that Kira's room is done. Should be finishing up Alex's after breakfast. Then I can work on laundry and the rest of the house. It's been suffering due to the concentrated effort on the kids rooms. I must say it does feel good to rid the house of the excess stuff. It will feel even better to donate as much as we have. Hoping to give most of it to the Rec Center Preschool Playgroup. I know the kids would like that as they both enjoyed all the toys that were there.

Off to have something to eat... I'm hungry.

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