24 July 2011

where i have been

I took a few vacation days to go visit my twin up in Maine. We had a great time with lots of laughs, good times and sun! She took me to Bar Harbor. Hadn't been there in ten years so it was a nice treat to go. Wanting to go back again and do some of the beaches. Instead we did some retail therapy (which was loads of fun).

Here we are at Jordan Pond. Lovely little place. Good Maine blueberries there as well. Had to sneak a few off the bushes as they were beginning to ripen. Yummy!!

Love my twin and miss her. Glad there is internet so we can stay in touch.

After my fun in the sun vacation, I had to drive to Syracuse to pick up my offspring. That was a long drive from Bangor, Maine to Syracuse, New York in one day. Wasn't as bad as I was thinking it would be and was very uneventful. Wish I could say the trip back to New Hampster was as nice... but it wasn't. It was exceedingly hot and the traffic in Massachusetts was horrible. No reason to slow down but we did... many times. Don't get it but was stuck in a few pockets of cars.

Took a picture to prove how hot it was on Friday July 22 while we were driving. Very hot according to my van. And I was very happy to have had enough gas to get us home. If we ran into much more traffic, it was going to be VERY close.

Today we took the offspring to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie. They had already seen it with Nana and Papa but agreed to go see it again with mommy and daddy. The three of us wore our Pooh best to see him. Kira even had Pooh and Tigger in her hair. Daddy got to take the picture since he didn't have any of the 100 Acre Woods friends on his clothing. I know... it's a horrible thing.

So that is where I have been. Hoping to work through the laundry and cleaning this week and spend some time in my scrap room creating. Never know... the kids may cooperate. Enjoy the sun and fun. I know we are since the heat has broken here. I love when we can turn off the A/C's and open the windows. See you soon!!

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