25 July 2011

wet eggs second page

This is the second page to Alex's Wet Eggs layout (shown here). I used a Pagemap from June 2011 (of course I did) for this layout. I had to switch it around a bit to make it work, but this was the starting point for this page.

And here's my take on it. I used the same papers from the first page to keep things flowing since they will be side by side in his album. I ran out of T's in my letter stickers so had to go with END instead of AFTER. It works for me and I am happy with it. Love his smile when he finished the hunt. He was so proud of himself... and so cold. Poor kid.

I finished this up before my trip away, but didn't get a chance to post. So here it is now. Hoping to take a decent picture of the layout I finished today so I can post tomorrow. It could happen!!

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