25 October 2010

been awhile

I'd love to say I have been happily scrapping in my nice clean space. But I have not. Been busy doing other things that have gotten in the way of scrapping. I did manage to work on some Christmas cards yesterday. But that is about it. Need to get cracking on them puppies before Thanksgiving gets here!!

Rough day with Kira. Guess I should get used to them but so hard. She used to be such an easy going little thing. Now she is showing all the signs of 'tween-ness'.... so not ready for this. Tonight will be our first new punishment for her attitude. We'll see how it goes.

Instead of losing things, which doesn't seem to faze her in the slightest. We are making her do household chores. Tonight's fun... vacuuming the playroom. We have to wait til daddy finishes his office work, but then the room is all hers. Hoping this works. If not, I'll have a pretty darn clean house by the end of the week!!

Dinner needs cooking and it doesn't seem to be jumping into the pan by itself.

10 October 2010

i did it!!

oh such a happy happy day! I finished cleaning my scrap room. I am back to being able to be creative. Of course first I must clean the house as I was totally neglecting it while finding my space. Then I shall be creative again!! Thanks to my family for understanding.

Here's the bulletin board reworked. I took a ton of stuff off of the board and put it into my embellishment mini tackle boxes. Worked lovely and now I can actually see what is on the board ready to be used. Also cleaned up my magnetic board above it.

Behind the monitor are most of my pictures. I think I have two more boxes tucked away but these are the recent ones. I best get busy!! Yes there is a window behind all that fun stuff but it doesn't open and there is no light that comes into it so it is useless and doesn't need to be seen. Took care of that!!

My ribbon storage. At least most of it. The top containers hold the spools of ribbon and the drawers below hold the small bits and pieces along with my floss. Now I can see what I have!!

My paper corner. I am going to rework it once I buy some more cropper hoppers. My goal is to get all of my cardstock onto the bottom shelf with some pattern paper on the top shelf. Love that my flowers are out and organized. I think I will be using them more now that I can see them. Those are dollar store jar finds. I need one more as I totally forgot I had brown flowers!!

Look at that!! A desktop. Who would have known there was one there?? Certainly not I!!

Under my desk. Disney stuff, two drawers for each child for their mementos, one drawer each for Christmas, Halloween/ Fall and Easter/ Spring. One drawer for my Vegas trip I need to finish scrapping. A drawer of my stuff to scrap. And a drawer of foam stamps. Accordian files hold paper scraps. The large one on top of the paper shredder has my cardstock scraps.

Bottom shelf along with some rolls of ribbon on two dowels. They are larger spools of ribbon so I don't have to change them as often. The blue bin holds my bling. The purple bin holds my chipboard alphabets. The white cannister holds my ATG refill tapes.

Top shelves. My embellishment tackle boxes. I need a new label maker but they are at least labeled now so I can tell what I have. The plastic envies to the left of the Belle mug are full of completed layouts. Need to spend some serious time putting pages away!! As you can see I have a few stacks (more to be seen in another picture)

There's the whole shot of my stacks. I really need to start using them up.

My Sizzix storage. I reorganized a few of the cubbies as I had lost some things deep in the back. Glad to have found them again!!

Storage under the Sizzix cubbie. Again... they need labeling. But they are all cleaned out and ready for action. And can you see the floor?? Yes I had a floor under all that junk. woohoo!!
My two other bulletin boards. They now have specific uses. The top on holds my directions for frequently made gifts as well as my color wheel and an adorable picture of me and hubby with Super Grover. The bottom one holds stuff for the school. Box tops for education, ribbon scraps and paper scraps for the art department for their collage bin.

Thanks for taking a peek! It feels so good to have room to move here. I have been only able to sit at my computer and get in and out. That's it. Now I can move my chair around! It is lovely. Hoping to be posting something scrappy soon!! Have a great weekend!!

06 October 2010

getting there

I am seeing the top of my desk once again. I have more floor space than I have had since I have moved into this space I call my office. I am excited about it. Just need to reorganize my papers, but that involves some shopping. I think it will be worth it but don't feel like doing it today. Rainy kind of day. No fun with a little one to go out in it if I don't have to.

Anywho... had to update that things are looking up in this pit. Off to see if I can actually finish this today. I am so close I can feel it!! Pictures to follow!!

04 October 2010

spinning my wheels....

At least that is what it feels like these past few days. Seems like I have done nothing in this scrap pit and then I look around and I do see some progress. Maybe I shouldn't wait 2 plus years to go through my stuff! Such a huge project and feeling a little down that it isn't done yet.

To this I say... it will get done. Maybe not as quickly as I had hoped but it will get done. And so will those baskets of laundry that need to be folded. I do only have two hands!! LOL