06 October 2010

getting there

I am seeing the top of my desk once again. I have more floor space than I have had since I have moved into this space I call my office. I am excited about it. Just need to reorganize my papers, but that involves some shopping. I think it will be worth it but don't feel like doing it today. Rainy kind of day. No fun with a little one to go out in it if I don't have to.

Anywho... had to update that things are looking up in this pit. Off to see if I can actually finish this today. I am so close I can feel it!! Pictures to follow!!


  1. You Go Girl!...You CAN Do This!

    Just take baby steps...1 at a time...day by day...baby steps!


  2. Good luck and you got it .. hope things keep looking up .. xoxo