25 October 2010

been awhile

I'd love to say I have been happily scrapping in my nice clean space. But I have not. Been busy doing other things that have gotten in the way of scrapping. I did manage to work on some Christmas cards yesterday. But that is about it. Need to get cracking on them puppies before Thanksgiving gets here!!

Rough day with Kira. Guess I should get used to them but so hard. She used to be such an easy going little thing. Now she is showing all the signs of 'tween-ness'.... so not ready for this. Tonight will be our first new punishment for her attitude. We'll see how it goes.

Instead of losing things, which doesn't seem to faze her in the slightest. We are making her do household chores. Tonight's fun... vacuuming the playroom. We have to wait til daddy finishes his office work, but then the room is all hers. Hoping this works. If not, I'll have a pretty darn clean house by the end of the week!!

Dinner needs cooking and it doesn't seem to be jumping into the pan by itself.

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