29 February 2012

happy leap day and merry christmas

Happy Leap Day to everyone out there! I had a fun idea for my POTD (picture of the day) which was to catch the kids leaping. So out to our retaining wall we went. Love the angle of this one and the kids had fun jumping off the wall. 

In the card challenge group I am in, the card below was our inspiration this month. We could use any part of it (or all of it) to create our Christmas card for this month. I was totally inspired by this card. So many great elements from it that I made five different cards! I was going to create five cards a month anyways so that I'll have a good chunk of my cards made by November, but this month it was easy to have fun and use up my stash for each one.

This is the first one. I have an 8X8 paper 'stack' (it's a very small stack but I love the papers) I also used some of my homemade bakers twine and left over Christmas brads.

This one I took the circle and popped it at the bottom of the card for a new twist. More homemade bakers twine, three clear snow flake ornaments (with the hanger part removed). I popped the middle square so that it wouldn't look funny resting on the twine.

I have had those mini embellies FOREVER!! Really. The tag is a stamped image that I cut out and pop dotted. Yes more homemade bakers twine.

A little Santa love happening here. I think I removed the hat and mittens from a card or kit or swap item since it didn't work with my pictures and have been holding onto them for a bit. Happy they are being used.

Last one. I don't like the snowflake brads in the small squares at all. They are very flimsy and bend when I am trying to open the backs. I'll get over it just not entirely pleased with the way they look.

The snow is starting to fly around here. I hope they are wrong with their prediction of 6-10 inches. I am trying not to worry about it since the weather people around here have been wrong pretty much all season. My luck they will get it right today. It would put a small glitch in our family birthday party for Alex this weekend. We shall see....

26 February 2012

my donation for the pta basket raffle part 2

I am pretty sure I have shared these Thank you cards before on my blog. I had made them for a friend of mine awhile back. These are ones that she did not want and I have not used yet.

Heat embossing on these with the gold.

Used Sizzlits dies to cut the corners and the center detail.

Lots of fun sewing on this one.

Stickles filling in the stamped image.

The next ones are Blank Inside cards since you always need blank cards. Used my Cuttlebug to emboss some scraps.

There are two of these cards.

And the last four are Congratulation cards. This first one I found on Pinterest. Totally love how this is laid out. Of course I like the one on Pinterest better but still very happy with mine. The Congrats is heat embossed with a kaleidoscope embossing powder which makes it rainbow-ish.

This is another one that I found on Pinterest which took me to Jackie Rockwell Design's blog. Her's is amazing but again, I am happy with what I came up with as my interpretation. I cut the flowers out and then backed them with white cardstock flowers to give them depth. Added some mini buttons that have been living here for many, many years. Used some of my white pre-colored bakers twine and some letter stickers to complete it.

Oh look at that.... another amazing card design found on Pinterest!! (Seriously am loving that site) The link on Pinterest took me to the PaperCrafts Connection site where they had a contest and this card created by Lindsay Amrhein was hanging out looking a thousand ways of awesome. This is my attempt on her card. All stickled up and looking pretty!!

This is the last card for the card box and I will have to admit it is my all time favorite!! I would love to boast and gloat that I created it with just the smarts of my own brain, but that would be a total and utter lie. I wish I was that creative!! Nope... found it on (can you guess?) Pinterest!! The link at Pinterest took me to craftieodamae's blog. Lots of goodness hanging out there and you should check it out!!

Anywho... hers is to die for. But I do love mine as well. Love that it is all white (yes I know it looks light blue in the picture. What can you do?? I need a better lighting system here.) But it is an all white card that I embossed and border punched and added some amazing fiber I've had forever. I think it might all be gone now. Oh no!! LMBO I punched the star six times. I attached three together to make two thick stars and then pop dotted the top star. I heat embossed the sentiment on the inside of the card as I didn't want to mess up the total white look. Thank you Olga for some great inspiration!!

So that's the entire box. Whew... I need to pick up a clear bag to package it all up for Unplugged Week but I have a few days of vacation to do that!! Thanks for stopping by and looking!!

my donation for the pta basket raffle part 1

Every year the PTA puts on an amazing week of activities that were part of the National Turn Off TV Week. Our school vacation always falls during the 'official' week so we have always done it the week after. This year, we have changed the name of the event due to many students (mine included) saying that they could play video games and play on the computer since we were only "turning the tv off". So this year the week long event will be called Newmarket Elementary Unplugged Week

Not only are there activities to bring families out and together, there is also a basket raffle. The PTA receives donations as well as purchases items for these baskets. This year I am contributing a few baskets as I have been picking things up throughout the year as I find them on clearance and such. One of my baskets is a handmade card box with cards.

I have been working on this amazing card box that was a tutorial found on my LSS's blog in November!! Seriously, I have been working on this project since then. At times I thought I would never get it done, but I have. whew...

The box was made from half of a tissue box. No seriously it was. Added some chipboard to give it enough sturdiness to handle the 28 cards that are now happily living inside of it. The box itself was pretty easy to make. The creating of enough cards to fill it up took much longer. 

Front view-

Side view- The other side and back look the same just different angles.

Here is the start of the cards that are now living inside. The first four are Hello/ Hi cards. Some I have had on hand and some I have been cranking out since November. They are mostly made up of scraps from my stash. Love being able to use up some of my stuff.

Obviously this is a Hi card. LOL

Used a Fiskars border punch and Cuttlebug embossing plates on this one. And yes Stickles!!

These are the Sympathy cards that I created. The sentiments on all of these were created with stamps from Getting Cricky with K Andrew. Amazing stamps that I totally love! The set is called Sympathetic Sayings.

This is the inside of the card above.

Slightly blurry due to the picture being taken at night. Sorry. Home made bakers twine. See card below for more information on that yumminess.

This one is stamped on the inside. The bakers twine on this one is some that I made myself!! Found how to make it on Life {Sweet} Life's blog. Love that I can now have any color of bakers twine that I want.

The following are Birthday/ Celebrate Cards. The stamps used for this I have had for awhile and don't have the original packaging so I don't know who to credit for them.

There are two of these in the box.

The following four are Thinking Of You/ On My Mind cards. I was having some fun trying new things out. Totally love to play!

This one is stamped inside and heat embossed. I know I have shown these four before when I created them, but wanted to get them all in the same post!! Sorry for the repeats.

 I'm gonna finish this up in another post. Don't want this to be too photo heavy!! Catch you in a few!

21 February 2012

february sketch challenge completed

Here is the sketch which was presented to us in the challenge group. Love the banner but haven't had much luck with working with one. I think I was over thinking the whole thing. This layout took me awhile since I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted for a title much less what to use for a banner. I got trapped in my mind thinking it too much and making it harder than it needed to be.

Anywho... this is what I came up with. I found some so totally adorable pictures of hubby and Alex that screamed at me to be scrapped. So I obliged them. I can't believe Alex was that small. Not that he is huge now but still... my baby is growing up.

I am happy with this banner. I made strips and then folded them, inked them up, and stuck down the back section, slipped the fake bakers twine in and glued the top part down. I may try that again sometime. oh my fake bakers twine?? It is so much fun to make. This go around isn't that great, but I have better markers now so I think it will look 100% better next time. The how to is HERE. This could save me big bucks in getting all those wonderful colors of twine that I drool over all the time.

I have had the Vikings embellies FOREVER!! Seriously. The store that I got them from has been out of business for at least three years. Guess I was waiting for the perfect layout. Glad it finally showed up!!

Very happy that at least for more pictures are now scrapped. I would love to continue, but I have 10 cards I have to make. Best get my butt in gear so I can get them off my mind. Have a great one!

18 February 2012

a little love and fun

Oh the day of love. I went to spend the day with Alex's kindergarten class. It was a low key celebration with each of the kids decorating a bag to hold their Valentines. So cute!! This is where we set them up. Then each student had the chance to dress up like a mail person to deliver their Valentines to their classmates. Lesson learned on this one... alphabetical order is the way to do when setting these bags up. Trust me!!

Here's my little mail guy. Love the uniform they each got to wear. I am sure the school nurse would be cringing seeing the whole class wear the hats as there seems to be a small lice issue in the school. Thank goodness it hasn't gotten to the kindergarten classes.

Here is my toothless little lady. It took her over a month to get that tooth out of her head. Love how she pushed her tongue through the hole. Silly girl. Then she asks me if I am the tooth fairy. ummm... last I checked I do not have wings and I like to sleep at night. I am certainly not flying around the world collecting teeth. Not sure if she bought it or not. I hate this age since the magic seems to be slowly fading away. Darn them for growing up and questioning things. I knew I should never have taught them to talk. Too late now.

Kira has a friends birthday party to go to this afternoon and Alex has an eye appointment. Busy afternoon for this group of peoples. Enjoy your weekend with those you love.

11 February 2012

valentines and dance pictures

I had to share some of the fun pictures that hubby took at the dance on Thursday. There were a bunch of girls and daddies dancing and having a great time, but there were some priceless friend moments as well.

This one of Kira and Cedar. You would never know that Cedar had heels on and she was still that much shorter than Kira. Such a little thing!

Here's the gang that was there! Kira, Cedar, Michaela and Cheyanne. Sweet group of girls and all so beautiful!!

Kira with her BFF Michaela. So sweet that they both ended up wearing purple. Almost like they planned it!! And they didn't!

I finally got the kids valentines packaged up and ready to go. These are the tags that I did for both sets of valentines. Both kids had the pleasure of finally doing something for their treats this year and had to write all the tags out. Alex's class will get the melted crayons heart shaped crayons which can be found here, and Kira's got some dog and cat foam clips that I made. I need to remember to take a picture of them in the morning with the good light.

I added this little note inside the bag with the crayons so that parents wouldn't think it was candy and throw it out before the kids could play. Hope it works!

I think we are ready for Valentines Day which means I may be able to play tomorrow on some of my stuff and not the kids!! oh the dreams I have.

09 February 2012

daddy daughter dance 2012

oh how I love this night. And I know Kira does too. Every year Nana has the honor of creating a gown worthy of our princess so she may be escorted by her daddy in style. This year is no different. This dress is gorgeous! I am loving Kira in this color big time!

This is my happy couple before they headed out the door. They were running a bit late so I only got the one. But I'll take it!!

I sent my point and shoot camera off with hubby so hopefully I will have some amazing fun pictures of Kira with her friends. I am beside myself waiting to see them. Very happy hubby does this with her every year. Special memories being made.

03 February 2012

extra challenge card

From my Facebook Card Challenge group, it seemed that many had gotten done with the sketch in a pretty timely manner and were waiting for the next one. Diana did not disappoint!! She posted the following sketch with the theme, "Baby, It's Cold Outside". Great sketch isn't it??

Here is my take on the sketch. I used my Swiss Dots embossing folder (thanks to my Alien buddy), I cut two sets of mittens and used foam tape between the layers to pop them up. Added a bit of bakers twine since mittens always seem to get lost, these two are together forever!! Thanks again to my Alien for the twine. Snowflake brads from my stash and the 'brrr' are rub ons from DCWV a few years ago. I used some puff paint for the mitten cuffs.

Yesterday I spent some quality time finding my desk. That wasn't the game plan going into yesterday, but it had to be done as I had misplaced a Lowe's gift card that we are in need of. So much gets dumped in this space that sometimes I plop things in places they should not be plopped into! It wasn't so bad until I asked hubby if he had in fact given me the gift card. I knew the answer and he looked a little concerned. He also gave me that, "your room is a pit and you need to clean it so you can find things" look.

So I started putting all my scraps away. Then the projects were removed from the desk and put in a storage folder so I can grab them when I want to work on them and everything is together! The good news is that I have a desk top AND I found the gift card. whew... we are heading to Lowe's this morning to pick up a new toilet for our upstairs bathroom. Poor hubby has tried to fix the one that is there for over a month now with no luck at all. The latest fix has the flapper staying up (or open) so we have to be careful to make sure to follow behind the kiddos when they go!!

Saturday will be replace the toilet day here. I think I will spare you the pictures of that adventure. Maybe the final completed project only. I hate installing toilets. Wondering how the old toilet will look in the yard with some lovely plastic flowers in it??

01 February 2012

couple projects happening here

I've been working on some stuff and sad to say not scrapping. But still being creative is a good thing. With my immense love of all things posted on Pinterest, I have been finding many projects and things to try. Some I may someday get to... others not so much but fun to have them if I ever feel the need. Anywho I found this one pin and knew I had to do it for Valentine's day. 

To start our crayon melting project, one must first strip a few boxes of crayons down to their bare naked selves. Big time hint here for anyone attempting this... use the cheapo RoseArt Crayons and not the Crayolas. Trust me. Those wrappings are down right frustrating to get off! Both of the kids gave up and left me to finish unwrapping four boxes of 24 crayons by myself. Oh the things I do for my kiddos. I left out the black and brown crayons since I didn't want the end product to be too dark and heavy feeling for Valentine's Day.

I found these heart silicone muffin trays in the dollar section at Target (they were $2.50 but so totally worth it) Here are the bits and pieces getting set to go into the oven. I believe this is a little bit before I had finished filling them in but was so ready to get them in the oven, I didn't take one right before cooking.

Here they are after I popped them out of the trays. I will say that I cooked them for about 17 minutes at 230 degrees. They are still kinda chunky looking and have since re- cooked them and they look much better. I need to take another picture of the whole collection for Alex's class. But I was pretty proud of myself for not only finding the idea on Pinterest, but actually doing it!!  I didn't scrub the trays clean since they were not that expensive and who knows... there is always next year!!

Now to figure out exactly how the tags for these will look. I have some ideas so that will be another post.

Then today, I dusted off my Silhouette (aka Sybill) and created a 100 cut out for Alex's 100th day of school celebration. We had started thinking we could punch out 100 Mickey Mouse heads and place them on a piece of cardstock. Which he thought was cool until he decided that would be a ton of work and hard on his fingers. Then he came up with the wonderful idea of 100 smiley face stickers! And wouldn't you know it, we had purchased such animals a few weeks ago on one of my shopping trips to Michaels. Even better, the package we purchased had 112 smiles in it!!

Sybill all done cutting. I bet she was quite happy to be plugged in and running. It's been way too long for her. I feel bad that I use her more for holding my agenda and my notebook than for cutting. What a waste!

This pile would be the reason that she is not used more often! I had to move all of this before I could cut since the paper has to be able to move freely back and forth. I need to clean my desk off in a big way. It's on the list. oh what a disaster. BTW... that is one small section that is overly piled up, the rest of the room looks about the same. oh the shame...

And here is Alex's project!! I glued the numbers down for him and had to help him get the stickers off the sheet (and they were hard for me and I have nails!!) But he put them all on himself. It really shows him. My happy little guy. We are ready for Tuesday!! (as long as there are no snowdays!)

Well... I need to clean up a bit around here. sigh... I don't wanna but I think I would like to have some order and then maybe I can be more creative with more space to work!!