01 February 2012

couple projects happening here

I've been working on some stuff and sad to say not scrapping. But still being creative is a good thing. With my immense love of all things posted on Pinterest, I have been finding many projects and things to try. Some I may someday get to... others not so much but fun to have them if I ever feel the need. Anywho I found this one pin and knew I had to do it for Valentine's day. 

To start our crayon melting project, one must first strip a few boxes of crayons down to their bare naked selves. Big time hint here for anyone attempting this... use the cheapo RoseArt Crayons and not the Crayolas. Trust me. Those wrappings are down right frustrating to get off! Both of the kids gave up and left me to finish unwrapping four boxes of 24 crayons by myself. Oh the things I do for my kiddos. I left out the black and brown crayons since I didn't want the end product to be too dark and heavy feeling for Valentine's Day.

I found these heart silicone muffin trays in the dollar section at Target (they were $2.50 but so totally worth it) Here are the bits and pieces getting set to go into the oven. I believe this is a little bit before I had finished filling them in but was so ready to get them in the oven, I didn't take one right before cooking.

Here they are after I popped them out of the trays. I will say that I cooked them for about 17 minutes at 230 degrees. They are still kinda chunky looking and have since re- cooked them and they look much better. I need to take another picture of the whole collection for Alex's class. But I was pretty proud of myself for not only finding the idea on Pinterest, but actually doing it!!  I didn't scrub the trays clean since they were not that expensive and who knows... there is always next year!!

Now to figure out exactly how the tags for these will look. I have some ideas so that will be another post.

Then today, I dusted off my Silhouette (aka Sybill) and created a 100 cut out for Alex's 100th day of school celebration. We had started thinking we could punch out 100 Mickey Mouse heads and place them on a piece of cardstock. Which he thought was cool until he decided that would be a ton of work and hard on his fingers. Then he came up with the wonderful idea of 100 smiley face stickers! And wouldn't you know it, we had purchased such animals a few weeks ago on one of my shopping trips to Michaels. Even better, the package we purchased had 112 smiles in it!!

Sybill all done cutting. I bet she was quite happy to be plugged in and running. It's been way too long for her. I feel bad that I use her more for holding my agenda and my notebook than for cutting. What a waste!

This pile would be the reason that she is not used more often! I had to move all of this before I could cut since the paper has to be able to move freely back and forth. I need to clean my desk off in a big way. It's on the list. oh what a disaster. BTW... that is one small section that is overly piled up, the rest of the room looks about the same. oh the shame...

And here is Alex's project!! I glued the numbers down for him and had to help him get the stickers off the sheet (and they were hard for me and I have nails!!) But he put them all on himself. It really shows him. My happy little guy. We are ready for Tuesday!! (as long as there are no snowdays!)

Well... I need to clean up a bit around here. sigh... I don't wanna but I think I would like to have some order and then maybe I can be more creative with more space to work!!

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