09 February 2012

daddy daughter dance 2012

oh how I love this night. And I know Kira does too. Every year Nana has the honor of creating a gown worthy of our princess so she may be escorted by her daddy in style. This year is no different. This dress is gorgeous! I am loving Kira in this color big time!

This is my happy couple before they headed out the door. They were running a bit late so I only got the one. But I'll take it!!

I sent my point and shoot camera off with hubby so hopefully I will have some amazing fun pictures of Kira with her friends. I am beside myself waiting to see them. Very happy hubby does this with her every year. Special memories being made.


  1. Love it, love it, love it!! I have been so jealous of your town for having this dance, can't believe a city called "Ft. Fun" wouldn't have something like this, in whatever form, sponsored or put on by whomever. What a lovely dress, she does such a great job each year!!

  2. The dress is lovely! Purple really is a good color for you DD :)