29 February 2012

happy leap day and merry christmas

Happy Leap Day to everyone out there! I had a fun idea for my POTD (picture of the day) which was to catch the kids leaping. So out to our retaining wall we went. Love the angle of this one and the kids had fun jumping off the wall. 

In the card challenge group I am in, the card below was our inspiration this month. We could use any part of it (or all of it) to create our Christmas card for this month. I was totally inspired by this card. So many great elements from it that I made five different cards! I was going to create five cards a month anyways so that I'll have a good chunk of my cards made by November, but this month it was easy to have fun and use up my stash for each one.

This is the first one. I have an 8X8 paper 'stack' (it's a very small stack but I love the papers) I also used some of my homemade bakers twine and left over Christmas brads.

This one I took the circle and popped it at the bottom of the card for a new twist. More homemade bakers twine, three clear snow flake ornaments (with the hanger part removed). I popped the middle square so that it wouldn't look funny resting on the twine.

I have had those mini embellies FOREVER!! Really. The tag is a stamped image that I cut out and pop dotted. Yes more homemade bakers twine.

A little Santa love happening here. I think I removed the hat and mittens from a card or kit or swap item since it didn't work with my pictures and have been holding onto them for a bit. Happy they are being used.

Last one. I don't like the snowflake brads in the small squares at all. They are very flimsy and bend when I am trying to open the backs. I'll get over it just not entirely pleased with the way they look.

The snow is starting to fly around here. I hope they are wrong with their prediction of 6-10 inches. I am trying not to worry about it since the weather people around here have been wrong pretty much all season. My luck they will get it right today. It would put a small glitch in our family birthday party for Alex this weekend. We shall see....

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  1. Love this mitten and hat embellies!! Great job on your cards...that inspiration card is WONDERFUL!! In fact, I think I'll create one too, from that inspiration!!!! Love ya, have a super weekend!