18 February 2012

a little love and fun

Oh the day of love. I went to spend the day with Alex's kindergarten class. It was a low key celebration with each of the kids decorating a bag to hold their Valentines. So cute!! This is where we set them up. Then each student had the chance to dress up like a mail person to deliver their Valentines to their classmates. Lesson learned on this one... alphabetical order is the way to do when setting these bags up. Trust me!!

Here's my little mail guy. Love the uniform they each got to wear. I am sure the school nurse would be cringing seeing the whole class wear the hats as there seems to be a small lice issue in the school. Thank goodness it hasn't gotten to the kindergarten classes.

Here is my toothless little lady. It took her over a month to get that tooth out of her head. Love how she pushed her tongue through the hole. Silly girl. Then she asks me if I am the tooth fairy. ummm... last I checked I do not have wings and I like to sleep at night. I am certainly not flying around the world collecting teeth. Not sure if she bought it or not. I hate this age since the magic seems to be slowly fading away. Darn them for growing up and questioning things. I knew I should never have taught them to talk. Too late now.

Kira has a friends birthday party to go to this afternoon and Alex has an eye appointment. Busy afternoon for this group of peoples. Enjoy your weekend with those you love.

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  1. What a cool idea...dressed as mail deliverers!! Her little toothless spot is awesome hehehe

    You're right, why did we ever teach them to talk? Wonder when WE will be getting the "Are you...?" questions ~ hope they stay away as long as possible. Unfortunately, I had cruel siblings who loved each other {they were from the same dad} but I was odd bird out {different father}, so any chance they got to burst a bubble of mine, they did!!! I knew too much too soon!