26 January 2012

100th day of school gifts

First off before I share my latest projects, I have to mention my obsession with Pinterest. Seriously I am addicted. It has practically EVERYTHING on the web there. I love that I can find things to make, create, eat, buy, drool over, copy etc there and then post them on my boards so they are there for me to go back and reference again and again. I have discovered if I want anything done in the house, I need to limit the times I click the find more pins button. If I hit it twice, I am good. Anymore than that and we are eating out and wearing dirty clothes.

My inspiration for the following teacher gifts can be found here. Amazingly talented lady resides there.

Here are mine. I picked up two 5X7 acrylic frames at WalMart for $.94 each. Or was it $.97? Either way pretty good deal. Everything else I had in my stash. Seriously. Had the post its and all the scrapping goodies on hand. Love that!!

Even better, this project took me one day. And not even the whole day! The longest part was finding the letters to use from my stash. This first one is for Alex's teacher.

This one if for Kira's teacher. I love that they celebrate the fact they have been in school for 100 days! So much fun. All the kids get to bring in 100 of something to share. They have 100 day parties. It is neato. Hoping to attend Alex's party!!

I am very happy with how these turned out. I have to get them wrapped and they will be set for February 7th... unless we have a snow day anytime between now and then.

24 January 2012

making some cards

I am in the process of working on a card box from a tutorial that my LSS posted (which when I am done with the box I will post the linkage to that) Anywho... you can't have a card box without any cards inside of it. Especially if you are trying to create a basket for a raffle!! Which is what I am doing. Hoping that everything comes out pretty good so that I can add the card box to my growing list of baskets that I am donating to the PTA's Unplugged Week in March. It's gonna be a great week of fun activities at the school and lots of time without electronics. I am not thinking that I can unplug totally. I get too many emails, but I will do my best to get away from this time sucker (aka the computer/ FB/ Pinterest and my blogs)

Okay, back to the cards for the inside of the card box. I do have others that I have posted previously that will go into the box but I need a few more themed cards so here are a few of the thinking of you type note cards. I pulled some scraps from my container and went to work.

I like how this one turned out. I wasn't sure when I went to punch the stamped image out and realized I would have to chop either the sentiment or part of the flower and I went with the losing part of the flower. I am happy with it. It does mess with my OCD brain a bit, but I am trying to loosen things up around here and go with the flow. The fiber... I must say that has been hanging around in my stash FOREVER!! 

Did you get that?? 


This one started with a sketch but did not end up looking like the sketch. It didn't really go the way I wanted it to, but I ended up liking it even with the detour to the non planned part of town.

This one... same sketch- again got lost somewhere along the way to completion. Pretty happy with it. I like my random accordion folding of the floral paper. I could have grabbed the score board but that was not my mood. Love how I used my ruler to put the brads in a line and still messed up the center one!! Man, I should not be allowed to use sharp objects!! Or walk and chew gum at the same time. LOL

This card is a bit heavier than most. That folding does add a bit of bulk to the project. Wondering if I need to add a note to the stamp area of the envelope for this one?? hmmmm...

That's what I have been doing. Next project, 100 day of school gift for the teachers. Found it on Pinterest and hope to whip it out today. Off I go....

21 January 2012


oh yeah. I am so tired I cannot come up with a fun title for this post. I miss my scrapping desk and had wanted to spend some time here this weekend. Then I go and start to feel sick. Man... so not fair. I worked through it for the day and made three batches of cookies for hubby's work meeting Monday and Tuesday. But now I am totally beat. Gonna find some warm jammies and snuggle down on the couch. Hoping to feel better tomorrow.

16 January 2012

christmas card #1

I have joined a lovely group of ladies to help us all create Christmas cards throughout the year so there isn't that "end of the year crazy holiday time and ooops, I need to make some cards" panic this year. Seems like such a good idea.

Another good idea that I had is that I will be making five of each sketch each  month so hopefully if all goes well, I shall have 60 cards by December!! If I really get inspired by a sketch for a month, I may even make a few more. But the goal is five.

Here is January's sketch. Simple and fun.

Here is my take on it. Totally LOVE making these medallion flowers. They are simple to make and add that bit of dimension to the cards/ layouts whatever. The paper is from a holiday stack I picked up at Michaels. Hoping to use up most of it with these monthly challenges. That will give me reason to go shopping!! bwahahahaha...

Oh yeah... The snowman is a stamp I found a few Christmases ago on clearance. He is so cute. Generic silver brads and some lovely bakers twine that my favorite Alien sent to me. (Love that lady!!) 

I inked the edges of the white because I ran out of the dark green cardstock for all five cards and the last one is a plain white background and I didn't want to lose the matting on the card. Then I held the inked piece up to the green card, and really liked the look!! So a-inkin' I went.

Good day with the kiddos. No fights and everyone is playing nicely. Love that. Hoping it continues all week. I have a bunch of stuff I would like to do and if they are good... it shall happen!!

15 January 2012

day off tomorrow

Which is so very needed after this busy weekend of ours. I could use the morning to grab some extra Z's and the staying home to work on some projects. We'll see exactly how much of both will happen with the kiddos home as well. ;)

12 January 2012

layout challenge group creation

oh I am so darn happy today. At least on a small level anyways. First off my poor darling little man has a cold which today forced him to miss school. I am sad for him as I know how much he hates missing but when there is a fever involved I believe he should be kept home. I know I am one silly mom that way. 

As I am typing he is playing with his Pokemon figures and having a ball. oh yeah... no sign of fever either. Stinker.

Okay back to my happy spot... I was invited to join this amazing group of ladies on FB in a layout challenge group and a card challenge group. I totally work better if I am challenged. Not even doing it for the prizes but for the fun of scrapping and seeing what others come up with.

Anywho... here is the first sketch that we were given. Now isn't that the most dreamy of sketches?? I thought so too. 

And here is what I came up with. I hunted through my pictures and found these beauties that cried to be scrapped. I also happened to look up at my papers and had this amazing collection that I purchased at CKC Manchester last year that I have been dying to use on my fall pictures. A small amount of time later (about a week) I have finished. Definitely a labor of love and so happy I did this.

Now I am off to work on the card challenge for that group. And the best part?? We are making Christmas cards to get ahead of the game. I am so happy for this as I totally missed sending out handmade cards this past year.

08 January 2012

ended the year scrapping!

I got a few minutes during the busy holiday time to sit at my scrap table and work on some fun pictures of Alex's birthdays. He ended up celebrating a total of four times the fact he was turning five. Not too shabby. Needless to say I had a boatload of fun pictures of my very photogenic little man. I decided to make some collages out of them to save time and frustration on my part. I could have all the great pictures I wanted AND not have to trim and cut and such. Easy scrapping here.

This is from his Chuck E Cheese party. This ticket blaster is the whole reason he wanted his party there. He got to do it twice since the first time his goggles fell off and he couldn't grab at anything. Lucky kid.

This is his party at my parents house. Love his reactions to his gifts.

Cake time at Nana and Papa's house. Wegmans didn't have a Sonic the Hedgehog cake (his choice of theme) so we got him a little Sonic figure to put on his cake. He liked it so all was good.

His crown at Chuck E Cheese. There were eight tokens around the outside of the crown, they didn't live there long!!

Here he is playing a bunch of games before the pizza came out. He LOVED the dancing game. And he was pretty good at it!!

Time to hang with the big mouse himself! Alex totally loved dancing with Chuck E.

Cake time at Chuck E Cheese. Yummy Hershey's chocolate cake. I made a couple of the medallion flowers to put on this page. I love how they came out with the papers I used. Old stuff from my stash. I stamped the 5's and the 'Your special day' on cardstock.

These were all done in 2011. It just took me some time to get them posted. yup... slacking again. I'll have to get my total pages scrapped up to date. I know I didn't do my 'goal' of 100 but I do know I made a ton of gifts and cards so I am happy.

02 January 2012

if you want to....

... but don't feel you have to ;)

I have a second blog to keep track of my Project Life 2012. If you click HERE, you will go there. There is also a link on the right hand side -----> Foltz Family Project Life 2012 to get there from here.

But again... only do it if you want to. It's gonna be a bunch of pictures (hopefully one a day for the entire year) and some boring nothing rambling. I sure am talking it up aren't I?? Makes you want to go and check it out!!


We went to Kelly's today. oh yumm-o. I forgot to take a before picture, but this is the after. Nothing left but the crumbs.