08 January 2012

ended the year scrapping!

I got a few minutes during the busy holiday time to sit at my scrap table and work on some fun pictures of Alex's birthdays. He ended up celebrating a total of four times the fact he was turning five. Not too shabby. Needless to say I had a boatload of fun pictures of my very photogenic little man. I decided to make some collages out of them to save time and frustration on my part. I could have all the great pictures I wanted AND not have to trim and cut and such. Easy scrapping here.

This is from his Chuck E Cheese party. This ticket blaster is the whole reason he wanted his party there. He got to do it twice since the first time his goggles fell off and he couldn't grab at anything. Lucky kid.

This is his party at my parents house. Love his reactions to his gifts.

Cake time at Nana and Papa's house. Wegmans didn't have a Sonic the Hedgehog cake (his choice of theme) so we got him a little Sonic figure to put on his cake. He liked it so all was good.

His crown at Chuck E Cheese. There were eight tokens around the outside of the crown, they didn't live there long!!

Here he is playing a bunch of games before the pizza came out. He LOVED the dancing game. And he was pretty good at it!!

Time to hang with the big mouse himself! Alex totally loved dancing with Chuck E.

Cake time at Chuck E Cheese. Yummy Hershey's chocolate cake. I made a couple of the medallion flowers to put on this page. I love how they came out with the papers I used. Old stuff from my stash. I stamped the 5's and the 'Your special day' on cardstock.

These were all done in 2011. It just took me some time to get them posted. yup... slacking again. I'll have to get my total pages scrapped up to date. I know I didn't do my 'goal' of 100 but I do know I made a ton of gifts and cards so I am happy.


  1. OMG I love those pages! Great collages!! I gotta get back in here and share with you what I loove...as if you're just DYING to know!!

    In the worst Ahhnold voice ever: I'll be bock!!

  2. Okay, the pinwheels one is an eyecatcher, just love how you did that!!