16 January 2012

christmas card #1

I have joined a lovely group of ladies to help us all create Christmas cards throughout the year so there isn't that "end of the year crazy holiday time and ooops, I need to make some cards" panic this year. Seems like such a good idea.

Another good idea that I had is that I will be making five of each sketch each  month so hopefully if all goes well, I shall have 60 cards by December!! If I really get inspired by a sketch for a month, I may even make a few more. But the goal is five.

Here is January's sketch. Simple and fun.

Here is my take on it. Totally LOVE making these medallion flowers. They are simple to make and add that bit of dimension to the cards/ layouts whatever. The paper is from a holiday stack I picked up at Michaels. Hoping to use up most of it with these monthly challenges. That will give me reason to go shopping!! bwahahahaha...

Oh yeah... The snowman is a stamp I found a few Christmases ago on clearance. He is so cute. Generic silver brads and some lovely bakers twine that my favorite Alien sent to me. (Love that lady!!) 

I inked the edges of the white because I ran out of the dark green cardstock for all five cards and the last one is a plain white background and I didn't want to lose the matting on the card. Then I held the inked piece up to the green card, and really liked the look!! So a-inkin' I went.

Good day with the kiddos. No fights and everyone is playing nicely. Love that. Hoping it continues all week. I have a bunch of stuff I would like to do and if they are good... it shall happen!!

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  1. Awwww lady, that card is wonderful! The rosette is perfect, that really caught my eye! And I'm sorry, but I think that Twinery on almost absolutely every last thing on earth is just so sharp looking!!! Love you, lady!!!!