02 January 2012

if you want to....

... but don't feel you have to ;)

I have a second blog to keep track of my Project Life 2012. If you click HERE, you will go there. There is also a link on the right hand side -----> Foltz Family Project Life 2012 to get there from here.

But again... only do it if you want to. It's gonna be a bunch of pictures (hopefully one a day for the entire year) and some boring nothing rambling. I sure am talking it up aren't I?? Makes you want to go and check it out!!


We went to Kelly's today. oh yumm-o. I forgot to take a before picture, but this is the after. Nothing left but the crumbs.

1 comment:

  1. OK, I looked up Kelly's, and they are reeeeeeeeeeeeeally into their roast beef!! Is that what you love about it? I can't stand roast beef {not a red meat fan anyway} but wow would hubby ever go there with you and pound down some o' that!!! Actually, I think Braeden would too! Have a wonderful weekend, Foltzes!