29 December 2011

cold but no snow

And I am not complaining about no snow either! We had a few flakes fall on Christmas day so I am good on the snow front for the year. I'm sure it is coming our way and when it does, we're in for some rough days.

Anywho... I am currently feeling pretty lousy due to a lovely head cold that has decided to pester me. It started the day before Christmas Eve but is now in full force since the beginning of the week. Lovely. My poor head is going to explode soon, I just know it.

Speaking of Christmas Eve... here is an adorable picture of my two sweeties before we went out to dinner. Hubby found the red Pikachu shirts and got one for each of them. They were quite happy to wear them and at least they were both in red! Love their little smiles.

I have been working on some pictures that have been hanging out on my desk since April. Yes they have been there that long. It is shameful but things got in the way of my scrapping. Lots of things. Hoping in 2012 that I can keep on top of things and still scrap. I have missed the creative outlet and am drowning in pictures that I want to do things with!

The pictures I have been working on are collages that I created with Picasa 3. Love that program and the fact that it is free... BONUS!! Anywho, since I had a zillion pictures on my computer at the time (fact be told I still do) I used the collage feature to create 8X10's and 5X7's of my favorite pictures for some events. Makes it much easier to scrap now with one picture going on the page instead of cropping and cutting and working in the ones I love versus the ones I just want to scrap. So far it's working great. Hoping to take pictures of the ones I have done and get them posted. We'll see. I have a LARGE pile of laundry calling my name.

Oh yeah... lovely daughter came to tell me she has a ladybug in her room. Off to remove said creature from her sight. She is not big on bugs at all. A mom's work is never done.

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