14 December 2011

our silly elf on the shelf (photo heavy)

This is how things went for us with Scout. Starting with the earliest to the most current one (didn't get today's off of the camera yet). Here he is hanging out in the kitchen on our picture wall. He looks quite happy. Alex found him on this day.

On this day, Alex had asked Scout to help with get past this one part in a game he was working on. Looks like Scout was successful!

Then he went to hide on our light fixture in the hallway. Please ignore the dust. It has since been removed. eeek. The least Scout could do was clean while he is hanging out!

Speaking of cleaning... here is the mess he left for us one night. I'm happy he set up some of our decorations for us, but he could have taken care of the boxes!!

Better picture of him hanging with Pooh and Tigger.

This was the sight that Kira woke up to one morning...

And Alex was not left out...

OMG... look what that sneaky elf has done!! He best be hiding behind those goblets on the mantel! He took down our stockings and hung underwear instead!!

 This was on Alex's board on Saturday morning. He even got the sugars and cookie press out!

Kira was going to a friends house for the night so Scout left her a message.

Then he went to hang out with some of our decorations.

Sunday  morning he could be found conducting the singing decorations in Alex's room.

This is the chorus that Alex woke up to.

Then he gathered a few friends to play a game of Trouble. Looks like the Grinch isn't doing so well.

This was yesterday's fun. He took everyone's slippers and a few friends and had a small race using the rug in Alex's room. Looks like Scout is the winner!! My feet were cold yesterday without my slippers!!

It has been a delight to have Scout with us this holiday season. He is feeling right to home and getting into all sorts of fun situations. Kira seems to think he needs a friend so maybe he won't cause so much mischief. I told her that knowing Scout... his friend would be in another room getting into things as well!!

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  1. I absolutely, positively can't believe how much fun you have with Scout!!! I love it, and all the pictures you take! I'm living vicariously through you. You're the coolest mom!!