05 December 2011

and the fun continues

This morning we found Scout hanging out on Kira's book shelves doing a bit of light reading. I think he liked this book as he was practically at the end by the time the kids woke up!

The day before, he went to spend some quality time with our Pooh tree topper. Both of the kids were giving Pooh all sorts of loving before he was placed at the top of the tree on Saturday night. Guess Scout missed Pooh as much as the kids did.

Saturday hubby and the kiddos went to see the new Pokemon movie that was playing in limited theaters across the country. Thank goodness we had one close enough to us (in Massachusetts) that they could go to. Scout was sitting on the half wall wearing Kira's Pikachu hat all ready to go to the movies. Alex was trying to figure out how to grab him so he could go with them. Pretty stinking cute.

Friday morning found Scout leaving a little note for the kiddos on the white board.

He even watched over Alex while he was sleeping. He looks like he belongs on that shelf!!

I wonder where he will end up tonight?? Hard to tell with that little guy.

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  1. OMG he couldn't be cuter!! Such fun you're having!