17 December 2011

scout is at it again!

Seriously loving having Scout in the house this year. He is having a great time and so are the kiddos. On this morning he was hanging out in the stocking on Kira's door. Looks quite cozy to me.

On this day, he was rather hard to find. Alex didn't find him until after school he was hiding so well. He's the little blob towards the 5 o' clock position on the wreath. Yes I love my Mickey wreath that I made. I picked up those ornaments years ago at Lake Buena Vista and they did spend some time on the tree but over the years, I didn't want them getting scratched or lost so they ended up on this wreath. Love it!!

On this day he used dry erase markers to draw on the kids school pictures! So stinking funny. Alex was not amused on this day and erased it after daddy saw it.

Today's 'prank' has been my favorite so far this holiday season. This is what Kira saw when she awoke this morning. Her Build a Bear Rudolph with a note telling her to look in the mirror. hmmm... wonder what that could mean?

This was on her desk blotter. Again... the plot thickens as to what Scout has been up to.

This was also on her desk. Quite messy whatever it is that he did.

Look at my very happy Rudolph!! bwahahahaha... I am loving it beyond words.

This is Alex's Build a Bear Rudolph on his chair with the same note as Kira. And a couple of incriminating cotton balls.

And another very happy Rudolph this morning. bwahahahahaha again I say. I love the looks on their faces. Priceless holiday memories right here!

Here is the little stinker at the very top of Kira's book shelf out of everyone's reach. I do believe both of the kids would have loved to have touched him today and taken away his magic. They were not impressed with his painting job. I was. ;)

And he left a bit of a mess in the family room getting the notes written and the cotton balls together.

Who knows what other trouble Scout will find himself in for the upcoming week??!! I'm sure it will be good.

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