25 December 2011

scout fun continues

Here was Scout's place on the 23rd. He was guarding presents from two little kiddos who insisted on shaking presents from Nana and Papa. Silly kids.

On Christmas Eve he was hanging from our light on the piano. He was relaxing from doing his self portrait that he left right below himself.

 Not too shabby for an elf!

This morning he left my point and shoot camera in Alex's room with a note to the kids to look at the pictures on the camera. They got quite a chuckle at his adventures through the house on his last night with us! He took over 60 pictures of himself ALL around the house. He had quite a good time. I will have to work on a collage of them all and post it, but the one below was one of the last ones on the camera. The note was there this morning for the kids, but Scout is hanging with Santa until next year.

It was a great day with family here. Good food and now time to relax. Kids were very good and enjoyed all the presents and family time.

Merry Christmas to all! Off to see if I can find my desk so I can scrap. I am feeling in the mood for it.

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  1. Ya simply can't beat good kids and family time!! I was thinking of starting a Scout tradition next year, but I would feel sooooooo inferior compared to you!! You so totally rocked that for your kids!!