24 December 2011

cookies and scout

This was in Alex's room from Scout. Alex LOVES his Hershey Kisses so these were a nice treat. And the best part, he knew not to eat them until after breakfast! I don't think he ate them until after school that day. Such a good boy.

 Scout was hanging out in Kira's room on her alarm clock, Ashley.

This was the message that Scout left for Kira. Guess he noticed her not listening to us yesterday. ;)

 After school Alex found that Scout had rearranged the days on the advent calendar. He was putting everything back in order for me. He knows how I am. Such a good boy!!

Then he spent the day in our tree hanging out with his friends. He also happened to snag a piece of a spritz cookie to nibble on while he was there!

Here is the process of baking said spritz cookies the day before. My helper was Kira on this day. She loves using the cookie press and it was nice to have the help.

They were so busy eating they didn't want me to take a picture. LOL

Need to get the other Scout pictures off my camera. Maybe tomorrow after the craziness of the day. Gonna miss that little rascal around here.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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