01 December 2011

busy little elf

Looks like last night, Scout got into Alex's crayons. Let me tell you, Alex was none too happy about it. He doesn't mind the little guy, but when he touches his stuff, he seems to get a little put out about it. Good thing Christmas is only 24 days away!! ;)

The kids found him in the kitchen on top of the fridge. He had added a few chores of his own choosing to the mix.

Close up of him on top of the fridge. I had to very carefully remove the crayon from his hands as Alex wanted it back. So cute.

Yesterday, he was found fishing in Kira's Hatchet diorama. So stinking funny. I think Kira liked this one a lot.

The day before he found a nice cozy spot to watch the kids while they were in the family room.

It certainly is fun to see what trouble he gets himself into. I'm glad he has come back this year. Wonder where he will be tomorrow??

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  1. Can you seriously believe how quickly Christmas is approaching??!! I'm sooo glad that hubby safety-netted your sanity regarding card-making this year!!