25 December 2010

good day

Kids were up bright and early at 4:30am. Thank goodness they just took a quick look or two or three at the gifts then went back into Alex's room to watch movies and wait for the adults to wake up. By the time we were all moving, they were pretty excited to get opening and telling us all the great things they had seen so far.

Santa had left them a note. Their Elf on the Shelf Scout had also left them a note. Santa had left them each a Webkinz and they could tell which pile of presents was whose. They were on top of things.

They enjoyed themselves and then took some of their goodies down the hall to play while the grown ups opened our gifts. Too cute.

Dinner was good. I am stuffed!! Most of the trash is in the garage waiting for trash day on Monday. This week will be spent reworking the kids storage in their rooms to make room for the new toys. oh the joys.

I also owe a couple of ladies some cards. Will be working on them. Right now it's family time. Catch you all on the flip side!

24 December 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

woohoo!! I received the confirmation email from Amazon this morning!! My Project Life is on it's way!! I am over the moon. I cannot wait to have it in my hot little hands! Happy day here!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! May the spirit of the season carry you through 2011.

23 December 2010

project life is heading my way!

What a lovely day! I was busy as usual just like most of these days have been. But a good busy. Made a cake, chocolate and pumpkin pies and wrapped most of my presents. Have a few more to do. But had to stop in and say that I ordered my Project Life from Amazon.com today!! So darn happy. Going to love this new kit. I kinda missed doing it this year. Thinking it will be a good year to start back up with Alex starting Kindergarten in the fall and Kira going into 5th grade. So many good times!

Off to wrap those gifts before Christmas gets here!!

18 December 2010

here i am!

It has been way too long since I have been here. So many things going on, I'm lucky I have time to breathe! I think it is coming to a close... until the family arrives and then it will be hostess time. Not sure I'm ready, but we shall have a good time!!

We got our family pictures taken at Picture People at the Fox Run Mall. It was not the best experience I have had with them. A tad bit disappointed with how they turned out so while we were all dressed up, we decided I should figure out how to use the self times on my camera and take a family picture in front of the tree. On a side note, I have had my camera for over 2 years and had never used the timer feature. Wondering what else I have not used on this amazing camera!! Anywho... here is our family picture for this year!!

And we took a bunch of pictures of the kids with their Christmas jammies on for our Christmas card photo. This one was the winner this year. Such cuties!!

Kira is having a playdate today. Seems to be going well. Alex is missing hanging with his sister but we are keeping him entertained. Thinking after, we are going to head out so I can find some new wine glasses that match my Christmas dishes. Thinking I want something besides the blue ones I have had for MANY MANY years.

There was a storm on its way, but it has moved away from the coast so it doesn't look like we're going to have any snow tomorrow. But I went out and filled the fridge anyways. I don't trust those weather people. And it saves me a trip out on Monday when I'll have a small pile of laundry to tackle.

I did manage to take pictures of all of my Christmas cards that I made this year. Need to get them off the camera and posted. Keep your eyes peeled. I know you will. LOL

We did get an Elf on the Shelf for our family. Kira named him Scout (Alex was okay with that) and Scout has been a ton of fun to have around the house. He has gotten himself into some fun spots and the kids are enjoying finding him every morning. So cool. He even managed to get ahold of my point and shoot camera and had him self a small photo session one night!

Promise to not be such a stranger around here. Thinking the vacation will be good for us all!

25 November 2010

full tummy

Happy Turkey Day everyone!! Hope it is a great one for you and yours. We are stuffed and I am working my way to lay down and rest. I think mom and I are heading out for the Black Friday craziness at around 1:30am. oh my word!! Yes we are insane but I get breakfast out of the deal. Two thumbs up on that one!!

Have a super day!!

08 November 2010

chuck e cheese visit

We took the kids on Friday since they did relatively well getting their flu shots the night before. Let me tell you, once one kid starts freaking out... the other soon follows. Yikes. Good thing we had a fantabulous nurse who was quick like a bunny and very friendly.

Sharing a few pictures we had taken while hanging with the grey mouse in his house of fun.

We had a pretty good time. Kira played air hockey with a young man named Zac who is in 6th grade. Hubby noticed him 'following' Kira around the place. He was nice enough and maintained the proper boundaries.

Then we were off to BJ's for the fun of bulk shopping. My only problem with buying in bulk is finding homes for all the deals we get once we are home! I worked it all out and we are set with some stuff until the next run. It helped having the kids already on the worn out side while we were there. Less fights and tantrums. whew...

We got the deck cleared off for the winter and the cover over the sandbox. Productive weekend for us. But I think I need this week to rest so I can recover. Not that that's gonna happen. Lots to do with the PTA meeting, an oil change, spaghetti dinner at the school, teacher luncheon and a holiday thrown in for good measure. Is it Christmas break yet???

04 November 2010

happy halloween

Okay so I'm a little late but it's the thought that counts, right?? We had a visitor this past weekend so things were a little different than usual. DH's dad came to see the kids. It was good to have him visit and I know the kids loved having him here. He helped picked seeds out of the pumpkin guts while DH did his best creative carving on the kids pumpkins. Sonic is very big in our house lately (thanks to Nana) so the Sonic pumpkin is Alex's and Sonic the WereHog is Kira's. DH did a great job on them.

For Halloween trick or treating, we went to the Fox Run Mall. We do it every year and it is great. Well lit, warm (almost too warm at times) and the candy is safe. This is the shot I got before the fun began. My two happy puppies. They were so adorable. Both of them had itchy noses throughout the fun so I was the official puppy nose scratcher! And suddenly once the black came off... no more itchy noses. So funny.

Thanks to Nana for two wonderful costumes again this year and to Build A Bear for the great candy bags!!

Hope your Halloween was wonderful and full of candy you want to eat!

Still plugging away at the Christmas cards. Been a few days since I have worked on them. Hoping to do some today/ tonight as DH is out of town for the day. Lots of other chores and things I have to do before I can play. drat.

Hope to be back here more often. Hate being a blog slacker. See ya's.

25 October 2010

been awhile

I'd love to say I have been happily scrapping in my nice clean space. But I have not. Been busy doing other things that have gotten in the way of scrapping. I did manage to work on some Christmas cards yesterday. But that is about it. Need to get cracking on them puppies before Thanksgiving gets here!!

Rough day with Kira. Guess I should get used to them but so hard. She used to be such an easy going little thing. Now she is showing all the signs of 'tween-ness'.... so not ready for this. Tonight will be our first new punishment for her attitude. We'll see how it goes.

Instead of losing things, which doesn't seem to faze her in the slightest. We are making her do household chores. Tonight's fun... vacuuming the playroom. We have to wait til daddy finishes his office work, but then the room is all hers. Hoping this works. If not, I'll have a pretty darn clean house by the end of the week!!

Dinner needs cooking and it doesn't seem to be jumping into the pan by itself.

10 October 2010

i did it!!

oh such a happy happy day! I finished cleaning my scrap room. I am back to being able to be creative. Of course first I must clean the house as I was totally neglecting it while finding my space. Then I shall be creative again!! Thanks to my family for understanding.

Here's the bulletin board reworked. I took a ton of stuff off of the board and put it into my embellishment mini tackle boxes. Worked lovely and now I can actually see what is on the board ready to be used. Also cleaned up my magnetic board above it.

Behind the monitor are most of my pictures. I think I have two more boxes tucked away but these are the recent ones. I best get busy!! Yes there is a window behind all that fun stuff but it doesn't open and there is no light that comes into it so it is useless and doesn't need to be seen. Took care of that!!

My ribbon storage. At least most of it. The top containers hold the spools of ribbon and the drawers below hold the small bits and pieces along with my floss. Now I can see what I have!!

My paper corner. I am going to rework it once I buy some more cropper hoppers. My goal is to get all of my cardstock onto the bottom shelf with some pattern paper on the top shelf. Love that my flowers are out and organized. I think I will be using them more now that I can see them. Those are dollar store jar finds. I need one more as I totally forgot I had brown flowers!!

Look at that!! A desktop. Who would have known there was one there?? Certainly not I!!

Under my desk. Disney stuff, two drawers for each child for their mementos, one drawer each for Christmas, Halloween/ Fall and Easter/ Spring. One drawer for my Vegas trip I need to finish scrapping. A drawer of my stuff to scrap. And a drawer of foam stamps. Accordian files hold paper scraps. The large one on top of the paper shredder has my cardstock scraps.

Bottom shelf along with some rolls of ribbon on two dowels. They are larger spools of ribbon so I don't have to change them as often. The blue bin holds my bling. The purple bin holds my chipboard alphabets. The white cannister holds my ATG refill tapes.

Top shelves. My embellishment tackle boxes. I need a new label maker but they are at least labeled now so I can tell what I have. The plastic envies to the left of the Belle mug are full of completed layouts. Need to spend some serious time putting pages away!! As you can see I have a few stacks (more to be seen in another picture)

There's the whole shot of my stacks. I really need to start using them up.

My Sizzix storage. I reorganized a few of the cubbies as I had lost some things deep in the back. Glad to have found them again!!

Storage under the Sizzix cubbie. Again... they need labeling. But they are all cleaned out and ready for action. And can you see the floor?? Yes I had a floor under all that junk. woohoo!!
My two other bulletin boards. They now have specific uses. The top on holds my directions for frequently made gifts as well as my color wheel and an adorable picture of me and hubby with Super Grover. The bottom one holds stuff for the school. Box tops for education, ribbon scraps and paper scraps for the art department for their collage bin.

Thanks for taking a peek! It feels so good to have room to move here. I have been only able to sit at my computer and get in and out. That's it. Now I can move my chair around! It is lovely. Hoping to be posting something scrappy soon!! Have a great weekend!!

06 October 2010

getting there

I am seeing the top of my desk once again. I have more floor space than I have had since I have moved into this space I call my office. I am excited about it. Just need to reorganize my papers, but that involves some shopping. I think it will be worth it but don't feel like doing it today. Rainy kind of day. No fun with a little one to go out in it if I don't have to.

Anywho... had to update that things are looking up in this pit. Off to see if I can actually finish this today. I am so close I can feel it!! Pictures to follow!!

04 October 2010

spinning my wheels....

At least that is what it feels like these past few days. Seems like I have done nothing in this scrap pit and then I look around and I do see some progress. Maybe I shouldn't wait 2 plus years to go through my stuff! Such a huge project and feeling a little down that it isn't done yet.

To this I say... it will get done. Maybe not as quickly as I had hoped but it will get done. And so will those baskets of laundry that need to be folded. I do only have two hands!! LOL

27 September 2010

my impending project

I have been slacking... BIG TIME!! I have let my scrapping room become a pit. Seriously it is hideous. As punishment for it getting so bad, I am posting pictures of my nightmare. This room is 6X9 and I have barely enough room to step through the door and sit at the computer. Scrapping?? ha! That is not happening here for awhile! My desk is lost beneath a mound of stuff. So here is my shame. I have begun today to reorganize and claim my space. Gonna take a few days but it will so be worth it.

As you walk into my room, this board is next to my computer. It needs to be redone. There are things on there I never use. And some I totally forgot were there! oh the shame.

Computer area. Needs a serious make over there!!

My printer area and main paper storage. Needs reworking too!

My desktop!! Not much getting done there. But it sure does hold a lot of stuff!!

Mess on the floor. Some of it is from a crop a few weeks back. Some is just been dumped there. And some is part of the reorganizing I am going to be doing. The cream colored bag on the floor, is what broke my little piggy toe this weekend. Dumb bag.

Shelves. Totally need reworking of them. They are not working for me anymore!

Sigh... more stuff that needs to be moved and organized.

Two more boards that hold not much. And what they do hold.... may not even be needed!!

That is a tour of my pit. It is going to be a long road, but I know I can do this! I shall be scrapping once again in a clean space! Wish me luck. But for now, I need to run to pick Kira up from Girl Scouts!!

20 September 2010

the new and improved alex!

And here he is!! He got a haircut!! woohoo. First one since before our trip to Walt Disney World in April! We went to the Snip It's in Danvers, MA and had to wait. We always have to wait. sigh. But it was worth it. He wasn't cranky or crabby and let the girl cut his hair without a trimmer. He did amazing. Such a big boy. Can't say the same for the little boy across the aisle. His haircut did not go as well. Poor mom. Look at my little man....

And a side shot. I can see his ears!! woohoo. Yes I do confess, I miss the beginning of his curls. They were starting to come back. Good thing we got the haircut today cuz if the curls came back, he was not getting them cut off my me. I did it once. That's enough. LOL

And after the haircut... time for Kelly's Roast Beef!! oh yummy yummy yummy in my tummy! So happy. And stuffed. Love me my Kelly's.

It's been a good day. Looking forward to doing all the laundry tomorrow that I ignored today. Oh yes... I cannot wait to tackle the huge mountain that has found it's way to the laundry room. I may rise early to get a good jump on it. Really! Honestly. (and now I will uncross my fingers)

ick pooh laundry. Maybe I can start cleaning up this pit I call a scraproom. Need to start working on those Christmas cards. They are not going to make themselves! Darn it all. Off to see if the kiddos want something to eat or not before I toss them into bed. Everyone seems to be feeling better. I can breathe which is a very good thing. Hoping this cough doesn't linger.

18 September 2010

we are sick

Man... Why does this happen every year?? We make it through the entire summer with not a single sniffle. The first full week of school and Kira had to stay home with a fever and stuffy nose for a day. Man... it stinks. And once one of us gets it... yup you guessed it... all of us have it. Poor hubby is fighting it like crazy since he has a meeting this week and is speaking for most of it. Alex sounds so cute with his lack of voice. Me... my throat is killing me! grrrrr

On a positive side... Kira was voted by her class as one of the two Student Council representatives! I am so proud of her. She created a campaign poster and a speech to give in front of her class. Such a big thing. Glad she went for it and did it. Wondering where this will take her in her life? oh the paths that are opening up for her!! So proud of my girl.

Should be a fun week. Monday Kira has a half day at school. Yes it is the second full week of school and there is a teachers day. Don't ask. Anywho... we are heading down to Peabody, MA for a haircut for Alex at Snip It's and then some mouth watering roast beef deliciousness from Kelly's. I am so looking forward to it. Even if I feel horrible, Kelly's will make it all perfect again!

Look for pictures of the new and improved Alex Monday!! No more shaggy little man for me!

10 September 2010

i am outta here!

Well not until this afternoon but close enough for me. I am heading to Augusta Maine to spend the weekend with some of my good scrapping friends. It is a much needed time away from everything. I do believe I am holding onto a LARGE amount of stress. I think I will leave it in Augusta... maybe on 95N. So if you see it, run in the opposite direction. It is an evil thing.

My hubby is going to have a great weekend with the kiddos and I know they will love hanging out with him. He is going to take them to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. We have a bunch of tokens left over from our last time there as well as coupons so they will be good for the evening. He is also going to make a tent for them to sleep in. They like that stuff.

And on the potty training front... my little boy is getting to be so big!! Last night he peed on the potty before heading to bed (which took a bribe of chocolate) and he woke up dry as a bone. He was running around with his sister and stopped and ran to the bathroom because he had to go bad! So proud. We are getting there.

Every morning when we drop Kira off at school he is asking if he is going to school with her. I keep telling him next year when we have the whole potty thing under control. Trying to explain to him that his teachers will not like changing poopy pull ups because he won't go #2 on the potty yet. But he is putting on the pull ups to go in them. And in my opinion, that is a better clean up than dirty undies!

As I said... we're doing pretty good for a month and a half into this training thing.

Off to finish cleaning, packing and getting things ready. Enjoy. Pictures to follow on Monday!!

09 September 2010


I am feeling it now. The lack of sleep. It is hitting me smack dab right in the face. And man does it hurt! I need to get some sleep soon. Hoping the kids will stay in their beds and stop coming down to visit me in the middle of the night. Hoping that my mind will shut off and stay off for the entire night time hours. Hoping I don't drink too much before bed and have to get up to use the bathroom. I'm hoping for a lot. Wonder if it will work.

In the meantime... I need to get packing for my weekend get away with the girls. My scrapping buddies. I am looking forward to the wonderful food. The laughs and the creativity. Did I mention the food?? Cuz I am gonna be partaking of a bunch of it.

Then again... the bed is looking mighty comfy right now. Wonder what I will do.... off to figure it out!

07 September 2010

weekend in syracuse

We went to the New York State Fair while we were there. The kids hadn't been in a couple of years so it was a fun time. They of course were more interested in finding the Webkinz 'van' It was all good as when we found it, the guy gave away a ton of goodies to the kids. Then it was time to do some eating. Alex totally enjoyed his chocolate chip cookie that Grandpa bought for him. He didn't want to share with mommy. I guess he thought I would eat it all on him.

Kira got her first taste of Fair milk. The best 25 cents you can spend at the Fair. She loved it!

My lunch of a cheese steak sandwich. Delish!! Messy but totally worth it.

And the Wine tent. Underneath it's flowing sides, there are a few New York State wineries with their goods. The best thing... wine slushies!! oh yeah baby. You can get two per person which we did and then took them and poured them into our insulated water bottles to drink as we enjoyed the Fair. yummy!!!

It was a good day over all. The kids had a good time and I ate all the foods I wanted to enjoy. Makes for a happy tummy with all that Fair food.

Now we are home again and working on getting into the school routine. Some of us are kicking and screaming about it. But we shall overcome that. I am heading to Augusta Maine this weekend for a MUCH needed mommy break. I cannot wait to hang with my girl friends and laugh until my sides hurt. It will do a world of good to this mommy.

Off to hit the sheets. I'm a beat mommy today. Crossing my fingers that the laundry fairies come and do their job tonight and fold those baskets of clean clothes I washed.

31 August 2010

my tuesday

Started very early with the arrival of Kira with bug bites that were itchy and then Alex who wanted to sleep in our room on his Tigger couch. Just as the sleep was returning to me... the alarm went off. Looks like an early night for me. Which is okay since hubby is out of town for the night.

I spent the day cleaning the place up for some company tomorrow. It needed it and being as it was Tuesday (somehow it is my favorite day to clean) That is what I did. ahhhh... happy clean house. LOL

When I finished that up, I did manage to do a little blog surfing and found a challenge over at Becky Higgins' place. So I partook. I took a few photos around the house to find the right one I wanted to enter... and here it is. Alex's bed area. I set the camera on his book case and then clicked the shutter. Pretty neat.

Of course looking at it, I am now compelled to go up there and fix everything up. That could just be my OCD kicking in!! Actually his room is lovely compared to Kira's which I also took a picture of but am not sharing. LOL

Off to wrangle the kids up so we can get dinner going. Early bedtime for all of us. And I'm hungry!!

30 August 2010

back to school pot luck and first day of school!!

The PTA Back to School Pot Luck was so much fun and seems to have been a popular event! There was sooo much food there. People brought such yummy treats to share. We had to bring out extra tables for all the food! The only drawback was the excessive amount of mosquitoes that decided to feast on all of us while we were there. They were really hungry as we all got bit and we had bug spray on!! Here's a look at some of the food. After I took these pictures, we added another table to where I was standing!!

And here's my baby girl all ready for her first day of fourth grade with Mrs Williamson. Last night she was quite nervous about the whole thing and made herself sick. Just a little upset tummy but before she went to bed she did manage to put down some cocoa puffs and milk. She didn't seem to be all that scared this morning when I dropped her off. Had to walk her inside the building too. Not that this mommy is complaining!! Soon enough I'll be dropping her off a block away since she won't want to be seen with me! LOL

She is all sparkly today. The top has bling, the shorts have bling as well as her sneaks! She is one sparkly kind of fourth grader! She even let me braid the sides of her hair to keep it out of her face.

The new backpack for the year. Notice the large bling bob on the lower front pocket. She loves it!! I did add up her reading challenge minutes for the summer last night. She read over 2700 minutes or over 45 hours this summer!! Way to go.

Kira with her scruffy looking brother. He so needs a haircut but won't let us buzz him. I think we are getting him to the point where he is going to let us get it cut but the person has to use scissors and not the trimmer. Whatever!! He is shaggy!! But still adorable.

Need to get working on laundry and some other things today. Hoping to get stuff done since I am down to one child to entertain. I think I can do that!!

25 August 2010

quick one

Been a crazy kind of week around here. Kira is doing both band and chorus and this week is camp for both at the school. Monday I spent a few hours at the school making copies and getting the PTA welcome packet in order for the teachers to hand out on the first day of school. Now we are working on the Back to School Pot Luck that the PTA is hosting at the school tomorrow. Praying for the rain to shut off and the sun to come out. Don't care if the ground is wet, as long as the rain stops!!

Kids have been driving me insane. Guess that means it's time for school to be back in session and you know what?? It will be on Monday! oh glorious sweet Monday! How I cannot wait to see you! I know I am insane... told you. The kids drove me to it.

Off for some tv time. Hoping to post more soon!!

21 August 2010

i've been scrapping again!

I am really really trying to scrap more and get off of Facebook. Plus I figured if I could get through some of my paper and pictures, I would be motivated to clean this pit. Which would be a wonderful thing as it is a mess. Really it is quite pathetic looking and no I am not sharing. I have just enough room to push my chair away from the computer side of the desk and over to the work side of the desk. My actual work space is about two and a half feet wide... maybe. So that being said, I am hoping to tackle that project soon. Until then... thanks for stopping by and looking at my stuff!!

Always fun to do snow pictures in the summer months. Makes me appreciate the warm/ hot weather as I do remember how cold it gets during January and February in New England. I used a pagemap from December 2009 for this one. The popped up snowflakes embellishments were ornaments that I snipped the tops off. Works lovely!!

The kids having a good time playing pirates. I used papers from the DCWV All About Boys stack. Finally broke the seals on it to look through. Imagine my surprise when I found these papers!! Perfect match!!

These two pages are just the kids having a great time in the backyard. It is always great to get them out of the house in the spring. The fresh air and running around do wonders for them!!

And my silly little man. I did the collage in Picasa 3 and used a pagemap from August 2010. I finally broke open my Color Me Silly paper pack from Basic Grey. Yes it is a very old collection that I had tucked away waiting for the perfect pictures. Guess I found them.

Thanks for stopping by and peeking at my work. Off to see what else needs to be done around this place today.

17 August 2010

'the look'

This is the look I get when I have taken too many pictures of my girl. The I'm done smiling but I still want to look cute in the picture so I'll stand still but I am done look. Good thing she is so darn cute! I was really trying to get a good shot of her freckles that have sprouted this summer. They are so cute on her. Need to keep trying to get a good shot of them. But as for this picture... it was the end of our photo shoot.

On a mommy note... I guess I don't clean the house enough in front of Kira. Today something bit me and I got on a cleaning kick and had to do the entire house today. Top to bottom, bathrooms and laundry included. She looked at me and asked who was coming to visit. The top to bottom cleaning means company coming to her. Probably because she is at school when I do these binges she doesn't see all the work I do. I guess it's good for her to see me deep cleaning sometimes when we are not having company (but on a side note... the place looks good- stop on by!!)

And for the real kicker to this story... dearest hubby of mine (whom I love with all my heart and soul) walked in, looked around, said "you cleaned, who's coming?". Wonder where Kira gets it from? Alex doesn't ask these things since he is at home with me all the time so he sees me cleaning. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. He is my little clean guy. His room has to be tidy before he can go to bed. Cute but I don't want him to become OCD like me. Hoping the messy boy gene kicks in later in life (like when he is on his own and I don't have to see it!!)

And because he loves me, dearest hubby of mine, brought home a chocolate fudge cake for me. Love him!!

15 August 2010

sunny sunday

I was up a little too early for my liking but here I am. I have played most of my Facebook games, checked out a few scrapping sites and now working on the blog. Next on the agenda... getting my hind end dressed for breakfast. I'm hungry!!

Today we are going to Goodwill to drop off the last of the yard sale stuff that did not sell yesterday. There isn't as much as we started with at 8am Saturday morning, which is a lovely thing. I am just done with yard sales and holding onto things in case of my desire to have a yard sale. I think the tax credit will be more appreciated than the few bucks in my wallet right now. I WANT MY GARAGE LOFT BACK!! I don't need to trip over stuff that will one day be in a yard sale, I want just my stuff up there. It was taking up a LARGE portion of the loft.

Anywho... I need to call Goodwill to make sure we can drop stuff off today and then it shall be race watching time for this chickie. And maybe even some laundry. Hey... you never know. I am a wild one. Ciao.

13 August 2010

zoo fun

We had the fun of going to the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island yesterday. We got to hang out with the BABW crew from Providence Place. Great group. Alex was very intent on checking things out on the map so he knew where he was going. First stop for him would have been the elephants and then the giraffes. For us- bathrooms! But he knew where his choices were.

This is as much of the red wolf that Kira got to see. They were hiding in their enclosures. Could have been due to the heat of yesterday. The breeze was lovely when it showed up. But over all it was a little warm!

Yes happy children. Little do you know from this picture that Alex will be melting down and throwing his shoes and himself just a little farther down the path. He wanted to go home. The elephants were having a bath inside and he had enjoyed the giraffes so he was done. Lesson learned- bring snacks for him no matter what. He was much better after lunch.

Poor little kid crashed on the way home. Looks almost like he has a black eye (but he doesn't) He was just tired!!

And the best part of the day... dinner at Kelly's Roast Beef. This was my sandwich. Yummy!!

Today is a clean up day and hang up yard sale signs day. I need to get my hiney in gear and off to Walmart to pick up poster board. Here I go... if I do all my chores, I do believe my scrap table will be seeing me later!! woohoo... that is motivation!

11 August 2010

dusty attic chipboard contest

Here is my entry for another contest at the PageMaps blog.

I had a fun time working on this one. I used some paper to create a ribbon which I think gives it a jump rope feel to the layout. I used hearts as accents as these pictures were for Kira's Jump For Heart event her school does every year for the American Heart Association. Thanks for looking!

Haven't been doing much of anything this week. Trying to catch up on some housework and have a friend and her kids come over for a visit. Tomorrow we are heading to the Roger Williams Park Zoo down in Rhode Island to hang with the winners of one of hubby's work contests. Should be a fun time. And best yet... on the way home we get to eat at Kelly's Roast Beef. drool drool!! oh yeah... I need to get some signs made for the yard sale this Saturday that I am having. If you want some stuff at a great price... come on over!! I've got a lot!!