25 December 2010

good day

Kids were up bright and early at 4:30am. Thank goodness they just took a quick look or two or three at the gifts then went back into Alex's room to watch movies and wait for the adults to wake up. By the time we were all moving, they were pretty excited to get opening and telling us all the great things they had seen so far.

Santa had left them a note. Their Elf on the Shelf Scout had also left them a note. Santa had left them each a Webkinz and they could tell which pile of presents was whose. They were on top of things.

They enjoyed themselves and then took some of their goodies down the hall to play while the grown ups opened our gifts. Too cute.

Dinner was good. I am stuffed!! Most of the trash is in the garage waiting for trash day on Monday. This week will be spent reworking the kids storage in their rooms to make room for the new toys. oh the joys.

I also owe a couple of ladies some cards. Will be working on them. Right now it's family time. Catch you all on the flip side!

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