18 December 2010

here i am!

It has been way too long since I have been here. So many things going on, I'm lucky I have time to breathe! I think it is coming to a close... until the family arrives and then it will be hostess time. Not sure I'm ready, but we shall have a good time!!

We got our family pictures taken at Picture People at the Fox Run Mall. It was not the best experience I have had with them. A tad bit disappointed with how they turned out so while we were all dressed up, we decided I should figure out how to use the self times on my camera and take a family picture in front of the tree. On a side note, I have had my camera for over 2 years and had never used the timer feature. Wondering what else I have not used on this amazing camera!! Anywho... here is our family picture for this year!!

And we took a bunch of pictures of the kids with their Christmas jammies on for our Christmas card photo. This one was the winner this year. Such cuties!!

Kira is having a playdate today. Seems to be going well. Alex is missing hanging with his sister but we are keeping him entertained. Thinking after, we are going to head out so I can find some new wine glasses that match my Christmas dishes. Thinking I want something besides the blue ones I have had for MANY MANY years.

There was a storm on its way, but it has moved away from the coast so it doesn't look like we're going to have any snow tomorrow. But I went out and filled the fridge anyways. I don't trust those weather people. And it saves me a trip out on Monday when I'll have a small pile of laundry to tackle.

I did manage to take pictures of all of my Christmas cards that I made this year. Need to get them off the camera and posted. Keep your eyes peeled. I know you will. LOL

We did get an Elf on the Shelf for our family. Kira named him Scout (Alex was okay with that) and Scout has been a ton of fun to have around the house. He has gotten himself into some fun spots and the kids are enjoying finding him every morning. So cool. He even managed to get ahold of my point and shoot camera and had him self a small photo session one night!

Promise to not be such a stranger around here. Thinking the vacation will be good for us all!


  1. OMG OMG!!! Those pictures are absolutely wonderful!! I have GOT to get me a camera like that!! We are still using the stinkin 3mega pixel one we got in 2002, do you even want to believe that???!!!! It's twoo, it's twoo!!!

    Please please please tell me that you'll post on here the project life stuff you do!!! I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed your inspiration!!! Please please!!!!

  2. Promise to post my Project Life stuff. I received my box last night. I am waiting til today to open it. Savoring the moment!! LOL Love my camera. Probably love it more if I knew half of what it can do!! Manuals... smanuals. LOL